Introducing Skillwise Pro: The First Online Course Bundle Subscription Service

Back in 2011, we sold our very first eLearning course on how to build an iPhone app and were immediately hooked on the concept of offering students accessible and affordable knowledge with just a click. At the time, the concept of eLearning was still fairly new, but we continued to add courses, explore new subjects — and found ourselves building a community that now includes 400 passionate, diverse instructors and more than 600,000 eager students. We ultimately launched Skillwise, our first online academy devoted exclusively to online learning in 2016, giving instructors an even larger platform to reach new students.

Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Skillwise Pro, the first build-your-own bundle online course subscription platform. Skillwise Pro offers students a selection of nine exclusive, curated courses each month and allows them to choose the three that best suit their personal and career goals. The concept of the bundle, or a collection of courses sold for one discounted price, is certainly not new to our customers. We’ve sold over 1.5 million course bundles to students worldwide, delivering courses on skills ranging from coding to design to marketing to poker.

Skillwise Pro, however, goes a step further by allowing students to personalize their learning path based on their individual needs. We know every student is different, and when it comes to education, personalization is both advantageous and often lacking.

Skillwise Pro separates itself from a typical eLearning marketplace with its unique set of features, including:

  • Lifetime access to all courses selected, even in the case that a subscription is cancelled
  • Monthly themes that highlight today’s most in-demand tech, business, and marketing skills
  • Exclusive bundles that can only be accessed by subscribers
  • Elite instructors who are hand-selected by our in-house eLearning specialists
  • Incredible cost savings of more than $200 per month
  • Certifications for each completed course to include on resumes

The subscription model not only delivers convenience and value for students, but an additional incremental revenue stream for our network of instructors. Participating in Skillwise Pro will provide instructors with solid projections on monthly revenue based on the number of subscribers, and even afford them the financial flexibility to invest in creating new courses while mitigating risk. We’ve paid our instructors over $15 million in earnings and counting, and look forward to watching that number soar with the addition of Skillwise Pro.