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Customer vs Business — The Technology Race

image credit — unsplash
Image credit — Unsplash

Until recent times, small businesses have happily satisfied their customers with their in-person services and experiences which were based on the belief that — “customers are god”. However, with the advent of big eCommerce giants, the situation is no more the same. Customers are getting smarter so are the businesses (have to be).

Geographically, software services are invading from metros to villages at lightning speed. A big credit goes to Whats App, Facebook, Map, and online payment services. It left our elder generations with no choice but skill-up themselves the small pocket boy called the smartphone. Eventually, technology usage such as — transactions, schedules, invoices, payment confirmation, orders, etc. become new normal. Unskilled started skill-up themselves with high ease of using features on just a few taps or clicks. Businesses running on conventional methods evolved themselves by adopting these technologies. Those who remained adamant or shied away from technology adoption have suffered or will eventually feel the pinch in the near future. Technology companies are no exception. Nokia — once the biggest handset manufacturer is the testimony to the fact. The world was racing towards Android but Nokia didn’t sense that Android would become so popular & predominant and kept faith in its old Symbian platform. Intelligent companies, like Samsung, took the right business decision at the right time and they diversified.

Efficiency to do business is the need of the hour and software services are the drivers. A few years back you wouldn’t have imagined that we can get our essentials delivered at the doorstep and return the same if it doesn’t suit your choice. But today it has become our lifestyle. However, small businesses are still hesitant to buy software services doubting the return on investment or due to their mental block towards technology acceptability. A true businessman is far-sighted. They sense the market. They understand the customer’s taste. They judiciously invest in technology to gain lead among its competitors. They find software services that are highly competitive in pricing and services. Luckily, software development services are penetrating into small towns. So, it is a win-win situation for all.

Does it mean that businesses, especially small and medium, should get themselves a web-page or an application? No. Smart investment in technologies is key.

Therefore, the business needs are different and so are the solutions. A right technical consultant can help you with the right technical needs to help your business succeed.

Our customer preferences are changing. Businesses have to change as well. Big players have already transformed the customer’s purchasing behaviour and now the small businesses are adopting the same path. Businesses are left with no choice but to follow the customer’s taste. They have to be technologically ahead else their customers will be.

Kumar Amit (product specialist)
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