Why did we start Stack Shuttle

Francois and I co-founded Stack Shuttle Ltd in March 2016. We both are software engineers. We love programming, open source software and we believe in software craftsmanship.

The bottom line is we love what we do. We want to bring this feeling to other people and we think the best way to do this is to create a company with these qualities.

We want to work with people who resonate with us. We want to create a diverse and friendly environment where everyone can be friends with each other. When you work with the people you like and do the work you love, you will create the work you’re most proud of. If you spend 40 hours every week in work, why not work alongside people you call your friends?

It’s a privilege to be a software engineer. We live in a digital world now; we are so lucky that we can use our skills to create products that people use and love. We know there are many people out there, they may not be running world-changing businesses, but they all try to improve the lives around them. We want to help those people to build their vision, to fulfill their potential.

We believe this world is about relationships, either you’re selling or buying, you’re dealing with people and the most important thing in our society is to build relationships between you and other people.

We want to help bring your ideas to life, bring your businesses to another level. We will try to save your money by using our expertise and experience in product design and development. You don’t need to know programming, but we will help you understand that programming is not magic, we’re here to bridge that gap between business and technology.

Let’s grab a coffee and have a chat about your ideas or businesses! We love talking to people who’re passionate and love what they do; it energises us, fuels us! We promise that we will offer our candid advice and hopefully, that will start off our relationship.

So what do we do? 
* Product research and design.
* Mobile applications (IOS and Android) development.
* Web applications development.
* Chatbots development.

We have expertise in:
Elixir, Phoenix, Python, Django, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Angular, React, React Native AWS and more.

We guarantee the quality of the software we deliver; we take pride in our work!