Decentralized Café — 20180828 “Accelerate”

Decentralized Café is a Daily Scrum Meeting format we are currently experimenting.

The Daily Scrum Meeting is a short everyday meeting that generally happens at the start of the working day. But because Stacktical is a globally-distributed team that is always on the go, not everybody is always able to attend this rendez-vous.

With Decentralized Café, our daily stand-up becomes asynchronous, multi media and transparently shared with the community. Anybody can catch up anytime with what their teammates have been up to (and now you can too).

To push the idea further, the traditional three question structure of the daily stand-up will be introduced by a short story connected to one of the daily items.

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CyptoMondays Paris event at Station F, biggest startup accelerator in the world.

I have a mild aversion to startup acceleration programs.

When you’re a young, fragile organization, you are looking forward to relying on people with hands-on experience in a successful company. Innovation happens on the backbone of past learnings, so it all makes sense as a premise.

But isn’t it a bit early to accelerate blockchain-based startups?

While they are a 25 years old concept, the first notable implementation of smart contracts was Bitcoin. The first usable implementation of smart contracts only appeared 3 years ago with Ethereum.

Even if the community has been building protocols and infrastructure projects (instead of advocating for DApps), do we really have enough success stories in the field to build truly cohesive acceleration programs?

Daily Standup

⌛️ Yesterday,

I was at the CyptoMondays Paris event, arguably one of the best Crypto meetups in town.

I met up with Daniel Hierso, President of the Outremer Network acceleration program at Station F.

Station F is home to the recently launched Chain Accelerator. I had a great time discussing with the program co-founder, Nicolas Cantu, an active CypherPunks advocate.

⏳ Today,

I will be giving the team a hand with software development.

I will also finalize contracts for our legal team for our new teammates. 🎉

🛑 Blockers?

I have no noticeable blocker to report.

See you guys!

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