DSLA Token Sale — Biweekly Update (December 2nd-December 21st)

80,000 ETH pledged to the DSLA token sale 🎉

We would like to thank the community for showing a strong interest in the project by committing more than 80K ETH to the DSLA token sale.

In order to meet everyone’s expectations and turn such level of commitment into actual token sale contributions — our soft cap objective is at least 10% of the current pledge amount — there are now three main resources at your disposal.

❶ A step-by-step guide

First, we have written a comprehensive two-part step-by-step guide on how to participate in the token sale.

Part 1 provides a quick overview for people who already participated to token sales in the past, or are used to moving cryptocurrencies around using their wallets.

Part 2 dives into how to do just that using Metamask and My Ether Wallet. If it’s your first time participating in a token sale, that’s probably where you need to go.

❷ A Help Center

Second, we have re-introducing the Stacktical Help Center, with new, updates entries (including the aforementioned tutorial) to make it easier for you to do your own research about the DSLA token sale.

We will continue to improve our knowledge base as we’re getting closer to January 15th, 2019, start of the public sale.

❸ A Token Sale Dashboard

Last but not least, the Stacktical website has been updated with a shiny new token sale dashboard that will effortlessly run you through the different steps of the DSLA token sale: from updating your profile information, to sending your ETH contribution to the DSLA token sale smart contract, through accepting terms and provisions.

Feel free to reach out to tokensale@stacktical.com for all inquiries related to the DSLA token sale, we will be happy to help.

A last dive in the Tokyo Scene with a spinoff product

December has been really exciting for us. Our CTO, Jean-Daniel Bussy was invited to speak at the TRAN/SUM event by NIKKEI in Tokyo, Japan.

This event highlighted technologies that could provide solutions, such as AI, autonomous driving, smart cities, big data analytics, and blockchain.

Among key actors in the industry of transportation and along with our partner SmartHab, we demonstrated how the Decentralized Service Level Agreements of the Stacktical platform could help improve the reliability of logistics.

The full story is available here.

About Stacktical

Stacktical helps providers showcase the reliability of their online services and automatically indemnify consumers when services do not work as expected.

To learn more about the Stacktical platform and purchase DSLA tokens, go to stacktical.com

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