DSLA Token Sale — Biweekly Update (October 22nd-November 4th)

The DSLA Private Sale report will be published soon.

The DSLA Private Sale is over: Onto the Pre Sale !

We would like to thank all friends, family members and other DSLA private sale contributors for making the 1st round of the token sale a resounding success! 🎉

We are extremely proud of the results we achieved together and are eager to move onto the next stages.

As we stated before, even if our team has the firm belief that we are at the inception of one of the most transformative technology ever created since the Internet, it certainly takes more than a strong will to tackle its fair share of challenges.

It takes the burgeoning hope of a small group of individuals that our mission is worth pursuing.

The DSLA Token Sale Smart Contracts

After being internally reviewed for 3 weeks, and following a 1st security audit last month, the DSLA token sale smart contracts have been audited by Chainsulting, a 3rd party blockchain engineering and security firm based in Germany.

No major issues were found in the contracts — they were actually praised for their relative simplicity and the ease of reviewing them from security and token sale requirements standpoints. 👓

As we are proceeding with minor functional changes around the management of unsold tokens, private and pre sale token metrics and making the DSLA token upgradable, the updated contracts will run through a final Chainsulting audit. The report will be made public once final.

The implementation of Upgradable Patterns is a big topic in Solidity engineering right now. ZeppelinOS provides the chance to have upgradeable smart contracts which follows the immutability rules guaranteed by the Ethereum blockchain.

ZeppelinOS paves the way to easy upgradeability of Smart Contracts.

Along with upgradability, we’ll be looking forward to developing upgrade governance practices that will ensure that upgrades are not unilateral decisions.

The DSLA Proof of Concept

Available for more than a year now, our predictive analytics technology has helped dozens on companies set more meaningful performance and reliability targets for their online services.

The next chapter of the Stacktical platform will enable the deployment of service level agreements and automate the settlement of violations on the Ethereum blockchain test network.

The Stacktical mobile application displaying Service Level Objectives (SLOs)

We have made great progress in shaping an interactive downtime compensation experience that will surely help you further grasp the potential of a decentralized SLAs and the DSLA token.

Everybody in the Stacktical team is very much looking forward to share it with the community! It shouldn’t be too long now.

New Partner: SmartHab and the HAB platform

Stacktical will be bringing SLAs to Smart Cities thanks to HAB’s IoT security blackboxes.

By 2030, more than 50 billion connected objects will be used in Smart Cities and Smart Buildings, including 80% of objects dealing with security-related data.

Our shared goal is to use our two platforms to allow for a tamper-proof and immutable identification of Smart Building deficiencies, a return to operational service in compliance with service level agreements, and automatic settlement of agreement violations.


A Blog Post about the French Crypto-Optimism

Credits goes to Longhash

Our CEO has written an article for Longhash about why France is a great place to run a token sale. After more than two decades of Silicon Valley tech domination, does the global cryptocurrency boom level the playing field?

About Stacktical

Stacktical helps online service providers automatically compensate customers for slowdowns, downtimes and unresponsive customer support using DSLA, the Decentralized Service Level Agreement token.

To learn more about the Stacktical platform and purchase DSLA tokens, go to stacktical.com

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