DSLA Token Sale — Security Update

​A few weeks ago, we have shared with our community that some malevolent online users were trying to impersonate members of the Stacktical team.

After getting reports of successful impersonation, in the face of misguided DSLA transfer decisions and in order to further ensure the protection of all DSLA stakeholders and fellow members of the Stacktical community, we have decided to take radical measures involving:

  • A/ The re-issuance of the entire supply of DSLA tokens
  • B/ A new DSLA token lock-up date of March 15th, 2019
  • C/ The deprecation and archiving of old DSLA tokens
  • D/ The extension of the sale until March 31st, 2019

A/ Re-issuance of DSLA tokens

On February 21st 2019, all token sale contributors have received another transfer of newly issued DSLA tokens.

Bounty hunters will follow as per the previously communicated schedule.

⚠️ The official DSLA Token Address is now :


B/ New lock-up date

A token lock-up date forbids the transfer of tokens before a certain date.

While understandably appreciated by some members of the community, the ability to freely move DSLA tokens since December 31st, 2018 has led users into making mistakes such as transferring tokens to malevolent or unsupported parties.

As a consequence, we are updating the lock-up date of the DSLA token to March 15th, 2019 so that mistakes are prevented

C/ Deprecation of old DSLA tokens

The DSLA tokens that you have previously received will be deprecated (archived) and won’t have any utility anymore in the Stacktical platform.

They won’t be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges and won’t have any value.

D/ 15 days extension to the sale

To compensate for the inconvenience following the aforementioned impersonation incidents and account for the time involved in executing this protocol, we are extending the token sale to March 31st, 2019.

👉 Please update your (Metamask) wallet !

As mentioned in the “Re-issuance of DSLA tokens” section of this article, you have already received your newly issued DSLA tokens if you have contributed to the DSLA token sale.

But for the new tokens to appear in your wallet, you might need to add a Custom Token to Metamask (or equivalent).

⚠️ We highly recommend you remove the previous entry for the now-archived DSLA tokens from your Metamask before continuing.

Then use the following information to add DSLA to your wallet:

  • Token Address: 0x3affcca64c2a6f4e3b6bd9c64cd2c969efd1ecbe
  • Token Symbol: DSLA
  • Decimals of Precision: 18
Adding the DSLA token to a Metamask wallet.

Effective immediately

This protocol will ensure the reduction of human errors when it comes to DSLA tokens transfers and that the negative effects of the reportedly successful scams are entirely nullified.

Should you have any question about this protocol, please feel free to contact us at tokensale@stacktical.com with “Token sale” as a subject line.


Malevolent online users might try to impersonate Stacktical team members on social media, and drive you into taking action for their own benefit.

Never share personal information with people pretending to be us online.

Do not blindly trust anyone reaching out about the DSLA Token Sale in private discussions, no matter what social service you are using.

Our unique email address for all correspondence regarding the DSLA Token Sale and the DSLA Bounty Program is tokensale@stacktical.com.

If you have any doubt, please contact us at tokensale@stacktical.com with a description and screenshots of your discussion.

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