DSLA Token Sale — Weekly Update (August 6th-August 12th)

We will be Speaking at FIN/SUM x REG/SUM 2018 🎤

Organized by the Nikkei index and the The Financial Services Agency (FSA), financial regulation authority in Japan, FIN/SUM is the most influential FinTech summit in Japan and one of the largest event of its kind in Asia.

Our CEO and CTO will have the honour to contribute to the event as speakers, tackling topics ranging from the state of cryptocurrencies regulation in Europe to our very own take on Automatic Downtime Compensation and new insurance technology applied to computing.

For more information about the summit, go to finsum.jp.

Since we will most likely organise a meetup in Tokyo around the summit, don’t hesitate to join our BlockOps group at https://www.meetup.com/stacktical to keep up with all announcements.

A due diligence from France 🇫🇷

ICO France is growing initiative that aims at providing rock-solid analysis of upcoming token sales. But rather than being yet another review website, they seem to be exploring referral and airdrop mechanisms to engage their audience in different ways.

While it is not limited to french companies, it made a lot of sense for them to explore what we’re trying to achieve with Stacktical and the DSLA token, as fellow frenchmen.

We would like to thank the ICO France team for their independent review of our project and the valuable feedback that we received as a result.

A- is not too shabby. 🏆

French speakers can read the full report at:

Nearing the end of the DSLA Private Sale 🐂

Statues of the two symbolic beasts of finance, the bear and the bull, in front of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

We would like to thank all the people who participated in the first round of the DSLA token sale, as we’re steadily heading towards October 1st, and the start of the pre sale. Their contribution in rather challenging market conditions is a strong testimonial of the unshakeable faith they’re putting in the Stacktical project and its teams. They’re the real rockstars.

Our official Pitch Deck is still available at this address. It has been their go-to document to quickly browse through the ins and outs of the problem we are solving with Decentralized Service Level Agreements.

The Stacktical team is growing ✌️

Talent shortage is real in the Blockchain space. Everything is so new and ever-changing that hiring is pretty much a balancing act between hands-on Blockchain experience and a nascent yet all-consuming passion for Decentralization. (At least that’s how we see it).

We have designed an introduction campaign for the Stacktical team! It will not only be the perfect opportunity to get to meet everybody but also a way to understand how each teammate and advisor fits in the master plan.

About Stacktical

⚡️ Stacktical combines the power of predictive and blockchain technologies to help companies indemnify their customers for performance failures, while rewarding their support teams for operational excellence.

Powered by DSLA, the Decentralized Service Level Agreement ERC-20 token.

📣 To learn more about the DSLA token sale, go to stacktical.com and join our Telegram community chat.