DSLA Token Sale — Weekly Update (July 16th-July 22nd)

A 1st Official Announcement for the DSLA Token Sale

What better way to celebrate our compliance milestone than sharing the Stacktical project with the BitcoinTalk community of pioneers and cryptocurrency aficionados?

It is a tradition we could not afford to miss.

Don’t hesitate to contribute to the thread, it’ll help us get noticed by other members. 👋

Introducing Stacktical to the BitcoinTalk community.

Our Bounty Program has started

Did you know? A Bounty Program is a marketing campaign designed to thoughtfully raise awareness of a cryptocurrency project through a series of tasks. Rendez-vous to the BitcoinTalk forum as well to have a look at ours.

One of the available Bounty Campaigns.

The Berlin Crypto Community

The German capital is the home of ~3000 startups and does not fall short on crypto innovation, so much that people are moving to Berlin from across the world to contribute to the great projects that are growing across the city.

We were recently invited by TrustedDapps, a publication that explores real world blockchain use-cases, to the famous Factory Berlin, “The Community of innovators”, a massive community space for startups, home of SoundCloud, Uber, Google among others…

Thank you for having us!

Believe it or not, there was an engineer chillworking in this pool.


Stacktical helps online service providers automatically compensate customers for slowdowns, downtimes and unresponsive customer support using DSLA, the Decentralized Service Level Agreement token.

To learn more about the Stacktical platform and purchase DSLA tokens, go to stacktical.com


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