DSLA Token Sale — Weekly Update (July 30th-August 5th)

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The Stacktical Community is growing 📈

Our Telegram community is now 1200+ strong 💪

Thank you for your support so far! We are developing more ways to get the conversation going, moderate the group as we grow and support aficionados as they’re researching the Stacktical project.

Our new bot is a example of just that: if you post #onepager, #whitepaper or #deck in the chat, it’ll reply with an appropriate link to the latest version of the documentation.

Our first token sale reviews are in ! 🏆

The Stacktical project and the DSLA Token Sale are now listed on multiple ICO tracking websites, such as ICO Bench and ICO Bazaar.

The first reviews are very encouraging!

In order to climb up the charts, we will be focusing on partnering with non-partisan, experts reviewers around the world. If you are genuinely interested in reviewing the Stacktical project on such platforms, please reach out through contact@stacktical.com

On our end, we will keep nurturing our listings and keep conveying how the Stacktical platform is an embodiment of what Blockchain can do for the IT Service Management industry and for all the stakeholders of the Internet.


Where to meet the team this month ?

Along with our regular activities in Paris, and after a short trip to Berlin for a couple meetings, this month will also be the opportunity to connect with the local Stockholm community.

We have great expectation of Swedish innovations and contributors in the space, as the country is gearing up towards the launch of its own national cryptocurrency, the Trangle-based e-krona.

We will eventually be landing in Tokyo next month (and will have great news to share about the purpose of this trip in the next edition of this newsletter).

Centralbron, Stockholm, Sweden — Photo by Matias Larhag

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Our website has been updated with more languages

Thanks to the contribution of our Translation Bounty Hunters, we have just added French 🇫🇷 , Russian 🇷🇺 and Japanese 🇯🇵 translations to the Stacktical.com homepage.

As additional translation requests are piling up, you can expect even more languages to be deployed this week.

If you are interested in helping out in exchange for DSLA tokens, please make sure you read our official Bounty Program instructions here and apply to the Translation Campaign there.

The Stacktical changelog is back !

There is so much going on during the DSLA token sale that we have decided to provide you with a (hopefully) unified feed of information about the ins and outs of the project. Especially in terms of product updates.

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About Stacktical

⚡️ Stacktical combines the power of predictive and blockchain technologies to help companies indemnify their customers for performance failures, while rewarding their support teams for operational excellence.

Powered by DSLA, the Decentralized Service Level Agreement ERC-20 token.

📣 To learn more about the DSLA token sale, go to stacktical.com and join our Telegram community chat.