DSLA Token Sale — Weekly Update (June 18th-June 24th + 1)

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We were finally able to introduce Stacktical to the Autorité des Marchés Financiers and meet the team behind the UNICORN program.

UNICORN is a consultation on Initial Coin Offerings and one of the leading efforts in regulating ICO-based fundraising opportunities for French companies. ⚖️

This meeting has been 6 months in the making. Our team is glad to have taken a proactive stance regarding regulation, ever since we’ve decided to explore the perspective of tokenizing the Stacktical platform.

We remain committed to do our best to keep ensuring the compliance of our future operations.

It’s a launch! 🚀

The Ethereum Japan & Hong Kong communities

As a remote-first, distributed company we’re lucky to be able to experience multiple blockchain communities at the same time through our teammates. It’s proving a great way to not only grasp the global nature of our industry, but also to nurture a vision that accounts for different product sensibilities.

Our ties with Tokyo for example, arguably the (current) capital of cryptocurrency, are stronger than ever. The past weeks have been yet another opportunity to further connect with the scene at interesting events and develop new partnerships.

One of the highlights of our trip to Asia was Hong Kong though, where we’ve had the chance to meet a fellow french entrepreneur, Pascal Gauthier from Ledger. 🇫🇷

Thanks again for the great chat, Pascal!

Pascal Gauthier, President at Ledger during the Ethereum Hong Kong meetup.

Our meetup series

While we were in Tokyo, we’ve launched “Blockchain Applied”, an event mini series that aims at exploring practical use cases of blockchain technologies for consumers and SME.

This series is part of “BlockOps”, a wider initiative bringing local communities of developers, infrastructure engineers and cryptocurrency amateurs together to discuss new ways to ship better decentralized applications, taking clues from the past 10 years of DevOps history.

More information here.



From Stacktical on Instagram

At the Ian Balina “crypto world tour” in Paris

From Stacktical on Instagram

It’s a launch! Announcement soon.

See you next week!

About Stacktical

Stacktical is a hyper-efficient service level management platform on the Ethereum blockchain, that automates the compensation of users during downtimes and other performance events that affect their experience.

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