Happy New Year ? 🐻

It’s been a tough ride for cryptocurrency retail traders around the world. 😵

After an explosive growth of the market at the end of 2017, some of your favourite projects have probably experienced rather significant losses last year, due to the bears seizing control of prices and sentiment.

Still, at the fundamental level, 2018 has proven an amazing year for builders like ourselves ! Blockchain protocols, infrastructures and development tools have steadily improved, there is no foreseeable shortage of Solidity talents looking for opportunities and increasingly more businesses have been willing to adopt blockchain-based solution to solve some of their hurdles.

3000 blockchain developers in one city for a couple days. ETHBerlin 2018

In practical terms, this means the cryptocurrency industry is now mature enough for proper engineering teams to form, solve real-life problems and get paid for it.

At Stacktical, this translated into a first batch of products and worldwide advocacy of what we stand for and are trying to achieve with our platform.

⚙️ 2018 was the year of #BUIDL

From auditing the scalability of online services…

For the past 2 years now, our Scalability Auditing technology has helped our community of service providers define more meaningful performance and reliability targets for their online services.

With the ability to instantly predict the peak concurrency, peak throughput and scalability bottlenecks of any system or network, Stacktical enabled their engineering teams to drive configuration, software and infrastructure updates with more actionable data than raw performance test results.

…to indemnifying consumers for downtimes

But at the end of the day, online services still go down.

In 2018, Stacktical has started evolving into a solution to help service providers automatically indemnify consumers when services do not work as expected.

Our private sale proceeds have enabled us to come up with a Proof of Concept: the 1st ever Downtime Insurance experience on the blockchain.

The objective of this PoC was to showcase how Stacktical enables new, creative compensation scenarios for providers and better protection for online consumers.

To give it a try, go to https://poc.stacktical.com and connect to the Ropsten network on Metamask.

✈️ 2018 was the year of #TRAVL

This year was also the opportunity to attend some of the finest cryptocurrency and startup events around the world.

Early in February, while we were writing our white paper in our Hollywood apartment, we started by connecting with the Los Angeles community and attending a series of meetups and conferences in the area before flying back to Europe and Asia for several rendez-vous.

Among them, the TNW 2018 conference in Amsterdam, the WBF forum in London, the Berlin Blockchain Week that hosted the exhilarating ETHBerlin hackathon were particularly fruitful.

We also had the immense privilege of being invented by the NIKKEI to the FIN/SUM fintech event in Tokyo where we spoke about the future of insurance and decentralization.

Wilhem Pujar our CEO moderating an Insurtech panel at FIN/SUM 2018. 1/2

The latter being a speaking opportunity, we were able to explain to a massive audience how Stacktical was reinventing service level agreements and eliminating the need for compensation claims using automatic cryptocurrency payouts on the Blockchain.

Wilhem Pujar our CEO moderating an Insurtech panel at FIN/SUM 2018. 2/2
JeanDaniel Bussy our CTO animating a workshop on creative compensation scenarios powered by Decentralized SLA on the Blockchain.

These events helped us to meet various people, build relationships with major actors in the industry and receive constructive feedback about our product.

🤝 2018 was the year of growth

Bigger team

With the addition of 4 outstanding members.

Martin is a blockchain and full-stack developer, specialized in building proof of concepts, prototypes and minimum viable products for startups and corporates. […] He has created a number of useful products, including a decentralized platform for solar energy industry […]

Bigger network

With the addition of a leading IoT partner, joining forces with a top 10 DevOps consulting company led by a top 100 DevOps expert in the world, joining the ERC-725 alliance and numerous others that we can’t disclose just yet (but will soon!).

Wilhem Pujar our CEO and Jean-Pierre Malle, advisor discussing about proof automation in car insurance scenarios.

Bigger proceeds

With 809.25 ETH worth of DSLA tokens purchased during our private sale and significant amounts at the closing stage during our pre sale.

With a pledge exceeding 80,000.00 ETH, the DSLA token sale is will on its way to meet its funding target.

Bigger community

From a couple hundreds of supporters to more than 5K Telegram members now, the Stacktical platform and the DSLA token are gaining awareness among cryptocurrency fans around the world.

Independent reviewers helped us getting noticed by the community.

We’ve also organized our first meetups in Tokyo and Paris and are looking forward to organizing more in 2019.

JeanDaniel Bussy our CTO at our 1st Parisian meetup.

Happy New Year 2019 !

The industry is still young but has made a lot of progress on the technological side of things, over the past 12 months.

Nobody can predict how the market will react to the technological progress that has been made. But you can surely expect a new wave of decentralized innovation to reignite your passion for cryptocurrencies.

At Stacktical, we are committed to making our blockchain promises a reality. Happy New Year 2019 and thank you for your unwavering support!

To learn more about the Stacktical platform and purchase DSLA tokens, go to stacktical.com

Stacktical helps providers showcase the reliability of their online services and automatically indemnify consumers when services do not work as expected.

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