New Partnership Announcement — Stacktical (DSLA) x SmartHab (HAB)

Stacktical and SmartHab, two French digital platforms, announce their collaboration to support the transition from the traditional housing to a secure IoT connected objects environment through the exclusive use of Blockchain technology.

PARIS, FRANCE — Stacktical, a Blockchain platform for managing Service Level Agreements (SLA), and HAB, a Blockchain platform for securing critical data from security IoT devices, announced today their partnership to ensure the scalability and reliability of Smart Cities and their IoT systems.

By 2030, more than 50 billion connected objects will be used in Smart Cities and Smart Buildings, including 80% of objects dealing with security-related data.

Our shared goal is to use our two platforms based on blockchain technology in a combined way, allowing for a tamper-proof and immutable identification of deficiencies, with a return to operational service respecting service level agreements.

« Connected services are not failproof. In order for connected cities of the future to keep their promises, it is essential to contractualize the relationship between service providers, technology partners and citizen users », says Wilhem Pujar, CEO and co-founder of Stacktical.

« By turning them into smart contracts on the Blockchain, Stacktical facilitates the definition, negotiation, monitoring and execution of SLAs, and enables companies to offer reliability guarantees to their users while automatically compensating them for service failures. SmartHab, a leading provider of intelligent housing solutions, and the HAB platform, are a major advantage in exploring use cases that get off the beaten track. »

About Stacktical

Stacktical combines the power of predictive and blockchain technologies to help service providers meet their service level objectives, reward operational excellence and automatically compensate customers for service failures.

« Trust in the data integrity of connected objects is essential to develop the use of smart cities and buildings », says Godefroy Jordan, CEO and co-founder of SmartHab.

« The upcoming deployment of smart contracts using data stored in the HAB Platform will increase the security and efficiency of security devices in work, living and consumer spaces. In this context, Stacktical, a recognized technological player in the Blockchain ecosystem, is a major asset for the technical development of the HAB. »

About SmartHab

SmartHab is a highly-skilled new operator of smart home solutions for apartment buildings. Our solution covers a whole host of essential needs including security and energy management. Occupants take control of their comfort and well-being thanks to the app.