New Stacktical Platform and DSLA Token ICO Review

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Bloggers, Vloggers, Podcasters and cryptocurrency content creators in general play an important role in getting the word out about interesting projects.

Millions of cryptocurrency aficionados rely everyday on the scrutiny and the guidance of knowledgeable subject matter experts, especially when it comes to purchasing tokens.

As an engineering team, you could be building the greatest software of all time if you want, if nobody has ever heard about it, there is little chance that it is going to succeed.

Good news is, popular YouTuber That Martini Guy has published a comprehensive 20 minutes review of the Stacktical platform, the DSLA token and the Claimless Customer Support experience that we are building.

We’re very excited to see the engagement that this video and the project itself is generating among his audience!

One of the video review commenters has shared a long, relatable, rant about his daunting Xbox Live Customer Support experience: more than two years of troubleshooting, discussion, negotiation, submission of proofs… Only to see one of the involved parties cancel the refund last minute.

It is high time for a change…

It is high time for Stacktical.


Stacktical lets you create decentralized customer service policies that are automatically enforced after Internet outages.

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Stacktical a is french software company specialized in managing the performance of systems and the expectations of their stakeholders.

Made in Paris, Designed around the World.

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