Stacktical joins the ERC-725 Alliance

We are pleased to announce that we just joined the ERC-725 Alliance!

ERC-725 is a proposed standard for Blockchain based identity by Fabian Wogelsteler, creator of the Ethereum ERC-20 token standard and wildly popular Web3.js library.

In their current form, identity assurance processes cost companies and government billions of dollars every year. This is due to the fact that we need to prove who we are, over and over again, with the existing system.

If we look at token sales for example, assuring the identity of contributors requires teams to integrate rather expensive Know Your Customer (KYC) technologies, provided by identity management companies. But since most contributors have already been verified through similar KYC processes elsewhere, why do it all over again? Our existing system is over-collecting the personal information of its members.

Beyond that efficiency problem, by ceding ownership of our identity to centralized organizations, we also put our personal data at risk of being monetized in uncontrollable ways, and even stolen by malevolent parties (for pretty much the same reasons).

ERC-725 is a great step towards self-sovereign identity, a future in which we manage our own identity and the Blockchain enables us to make verifiable claims that we are who we say we are, and enables organizations to check those claims instead of directly storing our data.

Fabian Wogelsteler giving the very first Presentation of ERC-725

Our team cannot wait to contribute to the success of the standard and explore what ERC-725 can bring to the Stacktical Service Level Management platform the entire space.

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