We will be speaking at the TRAN/SUM 2018 event

Nikkei’s Transportation Event in Tokyo, Japan

We are thrilled to announce that JeanDaniel Bussy, our CTO, will speak tomorrow at the TRAN/SUM even by Nikkei in Tokyo, Japan.

TRAN/SUM focuses on technologies that can provide solutions, such as AI, autonomous driving, smart cities, big data analytics, and blockchain.

With our partners, we will showcase how the Stacktical Platform can apply Service Level Agreements to real world situation and help improve the reliability of logistics.

We will make sure to further introduce you to this new use case after the event. Please join the conversation on Telegram for more announcements.

About Stacktical

Stacktical helps online service providers automatically compensate customers for slowdowns, downtimes and unresponsive customer support using DSLA, the Decentralized Service Level Agreement token.

To learn more about the Stacktical platform and purchase DSLA tokens, go to stacktical.com

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