Weekly Status Update : June 3rd, 2019 — June 9th, 2019

A quick look at what kept us busy last week.

Stacktical Team
Jun 10, 2019 · 3 min read

Product & Technology


  • Stacktical Website

Initially used as the platform destination, will soon host our new corporate website.

  • Stacktical Blog

We’ve finished deploying our new blogging system and are currently proceeding the migrations of our posts. From now on, it will be the main destination for our publications.

  • DSLA Network

The Product Management team is experimenting with ways to collect feedbacks about the upcoming Stacktical Platform.

  • Practice Management

We are refactoring our git flow, Definition of Ready, Definition of Done, as well as other agile deliverables in preparation with the upcoming sprint.


  • DSLA Network

After diving into a first Oracle integration, we have decided to pursue our experiments using a competing solution.

Business & Marketing


  • Sales

We have closed a deal with a lead in the media industry. With more than 50% of media companies requiring 99.999% uptime SLA from their cloud service provider, it will be the opportunity to further explore the needs of this vertical.


  • Sales Enablement

Our commercial presentation has been updated following our discussion with a top 20 cryptocurrency exchange. This new deck will serve as a basis for further business development efforts with exchanges.

  • Blogging

We are experimenting with new audio and video format.

  • Contests

We have started designing a new contest in preparation with the upcoming listing of the DSLA token.

Legal & Finance


  • Ops

To improve our efficiency in dealing reaching agreements with our stakeholders, the Legal Team has started refactoring the different steps of our legal lifecycle. Our Legal Manager will introduce a series of flow charts describing improved operations.

We have initiated a series of workshop to ensure the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance of the upcoming DSLA Network.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges

We have approached major DEX platform that we have been experimenting with for the past weeks.

  • Partnerships

We have signed a new partnership with a fellow blockchain company to empower new Decentralized SLA use cases. We will make sure to make a proper announcement in due time.

See you next week!

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Instant Compensation for Service Delays & Outages

Stacktical is a blockchain-based platform that enables service providers to openly commit to a baseline quality of service, and automatically compensate customers when agreed service levels are not met.

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DSLA Protocol, by Stacktical

An Autonomous SLA protocol with embedded SLA compensation capabilities.

Stacktical Team

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Hi, we're the team behind Stacktical and the DSLA downtime compensation token.

DSLA Protocol, by Stacktical

An Autonomous SLA protocol with embedded SLA compensation capabilities.

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