“What if you could insure the Internet?” — The Stacktical Pitch Deck

Along with our official white paper and one pager, we have released an official pitch deck for the Stacktical project and the DSLA token sale.

In essence, we have basically added cryptoeconomics, token sale information and other Blockchain elements to a traditional, Sequoia Capital style, startup deck.

It’s a great format for people that want detailed information about Stacktical and the DSLA token, but have little time to repeatedly read the white paper.


If you have any question or suggestion, please don’t hesitate to share them on Telegram. At Stacktical, we treat documents like products. The best version of everything we do is yet to come, and you’re invited to help us make it happen.


Stacktical helps online service providers automatically compensate customers for slowdowns, downtimes and unresponsive customer support using DSLA, the Decentralized Service Level Agreement token.

To learn more about the Stacktical platform and purchase DSLA tokens, go to stacktical.com


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