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Virtual Production — Week10

This is the story we came out with after brainstorming.

A dog was sick of its lovey-dovey humans and hated seeing all the happy couples on Earth. And so on Valentine’s Day, the most mushy, disgusting day of the year, he packed up and flew to Mars with his favorite video recorder. His true love… was ART. Specifically video art. And he wanted to go where he could live in peace and make his experimental videos.

Based on our story, here are some assets I found.

Our main character, a dog! I found different breeds of dogs on the marketplace, somehow I think the retriever suits this character the most.

I also found some landscape and assets for Mars and the spaceship.

Because we had the prompt “valentine” and “love” in our story, I tried to find some assets related, however, I only found this.

Also found some video recorder stuff here.

I want to create a more realistic and natural landscape or environment in UE4. I found some tutorials that might help me to achieve the goal.

I also want to dive deep into the lighting in UE4, so for this final project, I really want to give it a try and learn more about lighting.



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