Updates: Hours Tracked Report, and more

August 2nd, 2016

Since we launched the new 2 months ago, we’ve been busily making improvements. Here are a few of the most recent updates:

1 — New Report: Hours Tracked

The new Hours Tracked report shows who worked how much on which dates.

The report is an expansion of the “Hours Tracked” widget in the upper left corner of your Team Dashboard. The report shows you:

  • How many on-computer hours your team as a whole tracked during any week or month
  • How many hours in total each person tracked during
  • Trends in hours tracked over time.

Here’s how the new report looks:

2 — Desktop App: New interface for “Tasks” feature

We’ve released a new interface for the desktop app to match the look & feel of the website.

The app interface will automatically update when the workstation restarts, or you can manually load the new interface by right-clicking anywhere on the window and selecting “Reload”:

If you’re not using the “Projects & Tasks” feature, then the desktop app won’t have any windows-style interface at all so this update doesn’t apply.

3 — Active Directory Compatibility

The silent desktop app is now compatible with Windows Server and Active Directory.

If you use Active Directory in your office, the silent app will automatically pull basic user data from Active Directory to make it easy to identify which user is which in your reports.

That’s it for this update. More coming soon…

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