rBridge to Ethereum for StaFi native token FIS and rETH for staking Etherium 2.0 | PromoTeam

Hello dotters and StaFi fans , this is Vlady from PromoTeam , StaFi launched the first bridge from StaFi mainnet to Etherium. It is not a fully functional bridge but it’s an important step , for sure. Now you can transform the FIS for ERC 20 FIS at a 1:1 rate by using rBridge. You can use your FIS tokens on Etherium to trade and provide liquidity on Uniswap and other services where you can use ERC20 tokens.

Stafi also prepared rETH it is the way to participate in starting of Etherium 2.0 even if you have no 32 ETH needed to start the Validator. You can use rETH solution, which allows for Ethereum 2.0 liquid staking in an easy way. You can start to stake from 0,1 ETH and take out your stake any time. It is a very interesting feature and we will return to it soon.

Lets see how to change native FIS to erc20 FIS , don’t be afraid it is very simple.

You can see the link to bridge application below

So , lets do it:

1) First, fill in the number of ERC 20 FIS tokens you want to exchange and the Ethereum address for the payment in StaFi rBridge product page;

2) rBridge will automatically calculate the charge of the current ETH network and calculate the amount of FIS tokens to be paid by current FIS/ETH exchange rate;

3) The user confirms and makes the payment, which will be temporarily locked in a transitional contract address;

4) When the rBridge contract deployed on the Ethereum network monitors the user’s request on the StaFi chain, it will automatically Mint out the same amount of ERC 20 FIS tokens and transfer them to the Ethereum payment address filled in by the user.

5) In less than 1 minute, the user will receive FIS tokens in ERC 20.

It should be noted that rBridge makes it really convenient for users so that they do not need to pay the commission by their ETH wallet while connecting to the StaFi wallet. We will pay on behalf of them, so they only need to pay FIS by the current FIS/ETH exchange rate.

To encourage everyone to use rBridge products, StaFi promised that they will not charge any service fees at the beginning.

We are currently Validating on Kusama (stats) and Stafi (stats), CertiK, just search: PromoTeam , for more information. In the future, we will be offering validation services for — Polkadot, Plasm Network, Phala Network, Bifrost and many other projects within the Polkadot ecosystem.

We are looking to reinvent and pioneer a new way of validation and create a strong validator/nominator relationship.

Our validation services entail:

- Professional team and tailored servers.

- 24/7 telegram support chat — https://t.me/PromoTeamValidator.

- Highly secure systems to protect your assets.



StaFi-это протокол DeFi, предоставляющий ликвидность размещенным в системе активам. Пользователи могут размещать (стейкать) PoS-токены через StaFi и получать взамен токены, доступные для торговли и предоставления ликвидности, при этом получая вознаграждение за стейкинг. FIS-это н

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