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Announcing StaFiHub Mainnet Beta Genesis


  • StaFi Liquid Staking DApp Matrix including the rToken App, rATOM V2 Migration, rDEX, rBridge, rPool, Fee Station will be released soon after the Mainnet Beta.
  • Also mentions progress milestones, gas fees and the Genesis Validators list.
  • The Airdrop Claim page will be released 1–2 weeks after the StaFiHub Mainnet Beta has stabilized, please stay tuned to future announcements.


After months of hard work, extensive testing, and great support from our user and validator communities since April 19, we are excited to announce that the StaFiHub Mainnet Beta will be launched at 1 PM, August 17, UTC.

Previously during the testnet phase, we released the StaFiHub testnet chain which garnered support from 113 validators. Simultaneously, we also launched related DApps on this testnet such as the rToken, rBridge and rDEX V2, which are tested by 8000+ independent testing addresses. Amazingly, we collected 253 bug reports in total which helped improve the security of the StaFiHub chain. For more info about our StaFiHub Testnet, check out our detailed recap here. As for the great supporters of the StaFiHub Testnet,an Airdrop Campaign has been prepared as a reward for testers and validators.

StaFiHub is a Cosmos SDK built project developed by StaFi protocol to provide Smart Liquid Staking Solution for Cosmos Eco projects. With StaFiHub, Cosmos Eco projects could easily and quickly get their own liquid staking derivatives in a few days. StaFiHub is the first liquid staking project that innovates an automatic delegation algorithm that could maximize the staking rewards for stakers and decentralize the voting power for Cosmos PoS chains.

The launch of the StaFiHub Mainnet Beta is a significant moment for StaFi. Let’s celebrate the new phase of StaFiHub!

What Is StaFihub Mainnet Beta

StaFiHub Mainnet Beta Chain is a Cosmos-SDK built chain and will utilize PoA consensus to secure the network with renowned validators from the Cosmos community and strategic partners of StaFiHub.

The StaFiHub chain will thoroughly support the IBC protocol and Interchain Account to create the best experience for users. StaFiHub will also create the Liquid Staking Matrix by releasing multiple DApps for the liquid staking users.

Liquid Staking DApps Matrix

After launching the StaFiHub mainnet beta, DApps will be gradually released to form a StaFiHub Liquid Staking DApp Matrix for liquid staking users:

1.rToken App supports rIRIS and rATOM V2

The rToken App will be deployed on the StaFiHub Mainnet Beta to serve as the main interface of liquid staking solutions. At the launch, rATOM V2 solution and rIRIS solution are initially supported. ATOM holders and IRIS holders may experience liquid staking for $ATOM and $IRIS.

2.rATOM V2 Migration

rATOM V2 migration will occur at the StaFiHub mainnet beta launch. Therefore, the rATOM V1 users will be able to exchange for new rATOM tokens issued on the StaFiHub chain after the launch.

For more information, please check out “Migration Details” in Introducing the rATOM V2 Solution.

3.Delegation Algorithm V1

StaFiHub Mainnet Beta will support Delegation Algorithm V1 in the rToken App. It is the first completely automatic delegation mechanism governed by an algorithm in the liquids taking space, and not the subjective judgements from people.

Please have a look at the details here: Delegation Algorithm.

4.rDEX V2

rDEX V2 will be deployed on the StaFiHub mainnet beta, and will serve as the main decentralized trading platform for all the rTokens issued on StaFiHub. rDEX V2 will support trading between rTokens issued on StaFiHub and its base token (E.g. rATOM against ATOM).

If you would like to learn more about the features of rDEX V2, please refer to rDEX V2 Features.

5.rBridge V2

rBridge V2 will be deployed on StaFiHub mainnet beta to support cross-chain transfers between StaFi chain, StaFiHub and Cosmos IBC chains. The rBridge V2 will support the IBC protocol to transfer Cosmos ICS-20 tokens and rTokens issued by StaFiHub among IBC chains.

The rBridge V1 on StaFi chain will still be available to our community. The rATOMs issued on the StaFi chain can be exchanged through the rBridge V1 to obtain your corresponding rATOMs on the StaFiHub chain.


The rPool App will also be deployed on the StaFiHub mainnet beta to serve different types of community campaigns such as StakingDrop for StaFiHub liquid staking users, and LP farming programs for rToken liquidity supporters.

After the StaFiHub Mainnet Beta has been launched, we will release the StakingDrop campaigns for our users on rPool App, so welcome to stay tuned.

7.Fee Station

Fee Station on the StaFiHub mainnet beta will support the exchange for ICS-20 $FIS tokens with their Cosmos ICS-20 tokens like ATOM.

Deployment Schedule

StaFiHub and its Liquid Staking Matrix will be released according to the following schedule:

  • Step 2: rBridge V2 & Fee Station
  • Step 3: Airdrop Claim Page
  • Step 4: ATOM Migration & rATOM V2 DApp
  • Step 5: rPool and rATOM V2 StakingDrop
  • Step 6: rDEX V2 and List rATOM/ATOM Pool
  • Step 7: rIRIS Listed on rToken App and rIRIS StakingDrop
  • Step 8: Listing rIRIS/IRIS Pool on rDEX V2
  • Step 9: rDEX Liquidity Farming Campaigns
  • Step 10: New rToken Launch like rHUAHUA and Related Campaigns

Gas Fee

$FIS token is the native token of StaFi Protocol, in which it will be used as the gas token on StaFiHub to power on-chain transactions with network fees paid in ICS-20 $FIS tokens. The growth of the StaFiHub ecosystem will bring further utility to the $FIS token in addition to its existing use cases on the StaFi Chain.

StaFiHub users may obtain ICS-20 $FIS issued on StaFiHub in the following 2 ways:
1) Bridge Native FIS on the StaFi chain through the rBridge to ICS-20 $FIS.

2) Use the Fee Station to exchange for ICS-20 $FIS with your Cosmos Ecosystem tokens like $ATOM.

Please take note that $FIS tokens on Coinbase and Binance exchanges are ERC-20 $FIS tokens, which cannot be used as the gas fee on StaFiHub. However, you may swap your ERC-20 FIS tokens into the native FIS tokens on the StaFi Chain through rBridge, then proceed to swap it again into ICS-20 FIS tokens on the StaFiHub chain.

For more information, learn more by reading the Tokenomics of StaFiHub.


In order to build a secure, decentralized and community-owned network for StaFiHub, we launched the validator recruitment campaign for the StaFiHub Mainnet several weeks ago. Up to date, 230+ applications have been submitted.

The StaFiHub Genesis Validator list will consist of the following 11 members:


SkakeLab is the staking and relaying Hub for the Cosmos ecosystem and known for running nodes for the most chain. Up until now, StakeLab has provided staking services for Cosmos, Osmosis and Kava ect.


IRISnet is one the genesis validators of Cosmos Hub with a high uptime and stable operation. They also provide professional validator services to secure networks across the Cosmos ecosystem since the very early days.


Wetez provides professional staking services for 30+ projects since 2018. Meanwhile, Wetez is also a Web3 infrastructure service and API service provider and covers services such as Layer1 APIs, Layer2 APIs, Contract APIs, Dapp APIs, etc.

С is a validator in more than 40 networks and a multifunctional platform for staking and managing crypto. By using their application users may create wallets in more than 35 different networks.


Forbole is a pioneer in building blockchain solutions with a strong focus on user experience founded in 2017, and has also built a sovereign blockchain for social network applications (Desmos Network) to encourage mass adoption of cryptos and blockchain technologies.


Easy2Stake team is an early adopter of PoS validation. They ensure the highest security standards by mixing bare metal and virtual servers from reliable public cloud providers, through 7 data centers, spread across Europe and North America.


Stakewithus has been validating millions of crypto assets for global clients. It’s a trusted and reputable staking infrastructure provider with automated deployments and 24/7 monitoring across leading Proof-of-Stake protocols on Ethereum and Tendermint networks.


Chihuahua Validator seeks to secure 7+ Cosmos networks while guaranteeing a high-quality service.They have seamless updates of the nodes with the latest upgrades, and offers a fearless delegation experience for the delegators thanks to the multiple alerting systems that help prevent potential downtime and slashes.

StaFi Foundation

The remaining three validators will be operated by the StaFi Foundation as a reserve for future StaFiHub partners which integrate liquid staking solutions or staking derivatives of StaFiHub. After the integrations have taken place, validators operated by the StaFi Foundation will be replaced by partners.

We have received many applications from other validators, and will be onboarding them during Stage 2 of the StaFiHub Validator Program after the Mainnet Beta has stabilized. As for the applicants not included in the Genesis Validators list, you are encouraged to pay attention to the Stage 2 of StaFiHub Validator Program. New validator applications are still welcome at the moment.

FIS Airdrop Campaign

In conjunction with the launch of the StaFiHub Mainnet Beta , we will be launching an airdrop campaign to reward the early supporters of StaFiHub and Cosmos Ecosystem liquid staking solutions.

The Airdrop Claim Page will be live within 1–2 weeks after the StaFiHub Mainnet Beta is launched and stabilized.

About StaFiHub

StaFiHub is a Cosmos SDK built project developed by StaFi protocol to provide Smart Liquid Staking Solution for Cosmos Eco projects. With StaFiHub, Cosmos Eco projects to easily and quickly get their own liquid staking derivatives in a few days. StaFiHub is the first liquid staking project that innovates an automatic delegation algorithm that could maximize the staking rewards for stakers and decentralize the voting power for PoS chains.

Website | StaFiHub App(Testnet) | Twitter | Discord



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