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Introducing StaFiHub Mainnet Validator: Nodejumper

After thorough internal testing and exhaustive debugging, StaFiHub mainnet has been successfully launched on August 17 by 11 Genesis Validators. We will gradually onboard another 10 mainnet validators to help build a secure, decentralized and community-owned network for StaFiHub.

Today, we are glad to announce that Nodejumper is invited to be one of the 10 mainnet validators on StaFiHub. StaFiHub will work with Nodejumper to enhance the security of StaFiHub mainnet and also explore the cooperation synergies on the validation space.

Nodejumper Introduction

The is a professional PoS validator that is focused on blockchain consumers & validators, helping them to easily join the Cosmos SDK community and make it bigger and more valuable. The validation experience includes 20+ chains — testnets and mainnets.

The Contribution Plan from Nodejumper

Nodejumper will provide the next contributions for the StaFiHub mainnet:

1.Node Installation Scripts

Such scripts help validators to install the StaFiHub node in a few clicks without a need to dig deep in github/discord or searching for properly configured snapshots and state sync nodes. The team will maintain the relevance of the peers/binaries and other configuration inside the scripts. Scripts will include:

  • Manual installation option
  • Automatic installation option

2.Node Synchronization Scripts

These scripts will let anyone quickly sync their StaFiHub nodes. The team also will take care of the testing for these scripts to be available and working properly in the long run.

3.Public RPC & REST API Endpoints, Snapshots & address book

Nodejumper will provide a dedicated snapshot server and RPC server for StaFiHub state sync. Stable live peers & fresh addressbook will also be offered.

4.Cheat Sheet

Nodejumper will create a multitool for composing & running the most popular StafiHub blockchain commands like validator profile, governance, wallet, token management, etc.

5. Chain UpgradeTool

The team will provide StaFiHub chain upgrade scripts with automatic and manual modes.

Some of Potential Further Contributions

1.StaFiHub Analytics & Stats

Nodejumper will provide analytic services to cover general and unique chain parameters like:

  • VPS/VDS Decentralization map & stats
  • Tokenomics
  • - Price & trading volume graphs
  • Validator commission distribution
  • Voting power distribution

2.StaFiHub Ecosystem Overview

The team will provide a user-friendly interface (both web & mobile) for easy ecosystem tools overview such as:

  • explorers
  • wallets
  • help resources/documentation
  • contacts


Nodejumper is a professional staking service provider. Prior to this partnership, Nodejumper had been running nodes for leading projects like Desmos, Bitcanna, Galaxy, etc. StaFHub is an important step for the StaFi team in the Cosmos Ecosystem. Security is the fundamental aspect of the StaFiHub network. The professional node management experience from Nodejumper will bring higher security for StaFiHub mainnet. Meanwhile, both of us look forward to jointly exploring more cooperation possibilities in the future.

About Nodejumper

Nodejumper provides professional Proof-of-Stake validation services and advanced blockchain analytics tools. The team itself consists of 2 fullstack developers, product analyst and UX/UI expert. Nodejumper has lots of experience in both “classical” and blockchain product development. Also, its activity includes open source contributions, conference & meetup presentations for the crypto community.

Nodejumper values are:

  • Build relationships
  • Be curious & open
  • Make a difference every day

Website |Twitter| Telegram|Gitbook

About StaFiHub

StaFiHub is a Cosmos SDK project developed by StaFi protocol to provide Smart Liquid Staking Solution for Cosmos Eco projects. With StaFiHub, Cosmos Eco projects easily and seamlessly get their own liquid staking derivatives in a few days. StaFiHub is the first liquid staking project that innovates an automatic delegation algorithm that could maximize the staking rewards for stakers and decentralize the voting power for PoS chains.

Website| StaFiHub App|Twitter|Discord



StaFi Protocol is a decentralized protocol which provides the liquidity of the Staking Assets,such as XTZ, ATOM, Algo, etc,. StaFi solves the problem between token liquidity and Mainnet security by issusing a ABT token( Asset-backed token).

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