Introducing StaFiHub Mainnet Validator: NodeStake

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2 min readOct 21, 2022


After thorough internal testing and exhaustive debugging, StaFiHub mainnet has been successfully launched on August 17 by 11 Genesis Validators. We will gradually onboard another 10 mainnet validators to help build a secure, decentralized and community-owned network for StaFiHub.

Today, we are glad to announce that NodeStake is invited to be one of the 10 mainnet validators on StaFiHub. StaFiHub will work with NodeStake to enhance the security of StaFiHub mainnet and also explore the cooperation synergies on the validation space.

NodeStake Introduction

NodeStake is the professional validator, node service provider and IBC relayer.

They keep secure and stable validator service and provide public RPC API endpoints for the project. Up to now, NodeStake has validated 60+ chains, including mainnet and testnet.

In addition, NodeStake team shares tutorials to help community users participate in the early testnet, and create articles to make users understand the project details more clearly.

The Contribution Plan from NodeStake

NodeStake will provide some contributions for the StafiHub mainnet.

1.We will run the mainnet validator node for StaFiHub stably, actively participate in community governance and provide technical assistance.

2.Useful tools for validators and developers, include the chain explorer, free public RPC/gRPC/API endpoints, snapshots, live peers and state sync scripts.

3.IBC relayer services between StafiHub and other chains.

4.NodeStake will also keep the StafiHub testnet validator running.


NodeStake is a professional staking service provider. Before the two parties reached cooperation, NodeStake had running nodes for some leading projects like Agoric, Evmos, Gravity-Bridge,etc. StaFHub is an important exploration for the StaFi team in Cosmos Ecosystem. Security is the fundamental of the StaFiHub network. The professional node management experience from NodeStake will bring higher security for StaFiHub mainnet. Meanwhile, Both of us will jointly explore more cooperation possibilities in the future, which is definitely something to look forward to.

About NodeStake

NodeStake is professional validator, node service provider and IBC relayer.

NodeStake has provided blockchain services since 2017. The mission is to provide the most stable and secure blockchain services and the most convenient for customers.


About StaFiHub

StaFiHub is a Cosmos SDK project developed by StaFi protocol to provide Smart Liquid Staking Solution for Cosmos Eco projects. With StaFiHub, Cosmos Eco projects easily and seamlessly get their own liquid staking derivatives in a few days. StaFiHub is the first liquid staking project that innovates an automatic delegation algorithm that could maximize the staking rewards for stakers and decentralize the voting power for PoS chains.

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