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StaFi Launches rMATIC StakingDrop Campaign

StaFi rMATIC App has been launched after completing community testing and security audit. In order to incentivize MATIC stakers to participate in rMATIC App, StaFi officially launch a StakingDrop campaign with 150,000 USDT valued FIS token Pool. Anyone who stakes MATIC before 12PM UTC, 1 March, 2022 through rMATIC App could have the chance to get the FIS token rewards.

StakingDrop Rules for Stakers

1) Before 12PM UTC, 1 March, 2022, stakers who stake MATIC through StaFi rMATIC App will are entitled to receive the native FIS tokens as the rewards. The more MATIC tokens you stake, the more FIS tokens you will receive.

2) Users could directly claim the FIS rewards to StaFi address on StaFi’s rPool App.

3) The FIS rewards are daily vesting over 3 months.

4) The FIS rewards are StaFi chain native, so please make sure you have the Polkadot JS wallet before claiming the rewards. Check the guide on Polkadot JS wallet.

Special Note

The campaign mainly encourages the StaFi community to mint rMATIC tokens. And the minted rMATIC tokens could be traded on DEXes of Polygon Eco, like Quickswap or Sushiswap, and used as collaterals on lending protocols in the near future.

If you want to redeem your staked MATIC tokens and staking rewards, you have to wait for 80 checkpoints of Polygon network, which means the stakers have to wait for about 9 days. Staker could see the unbonding rules of Polygon here:


rMATIC Portal:

rMATIC Staker Guide:

rMATIC Solutions:


About StaFi

StaFi is the first DeFi protocol unlocking liquidity of staked assets. Users can stake PoS tokens through StaFi and receive rTokens in return, which are available for trading, while still earning staking rewards. rToken is a synthetic staking derivative issued by StaFi to users when users stake PoS tokens through StaFi rToken App ( rTokens are anchored to the PoS tokens staked by users and the corresponding staking rewards. rTokens can be transferred and traded at any time.

rToken App:
Twitter: @Stafi_Protocol
Telegram Chat:
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