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StaFi Moderators: Thanksgiving Gifts And Long-term Incentive

StaFi initially launched our first Ambassador Recruitment Program back in November 2020. In the past 2 years, we have managed to obtain 500 community member applications. After a rigorous screening process, more than 40 StaFi Warriors in total have been selected to contribute to building the StaFi community with their personal talents in the past 2 years.

For example, Alphatower is a Moderator proficient in Discord Management. Ever since joining the StaFi Moderator Team, he has introduced many Discord Bots on StaFi’s Discord channel, added relevant sub-channels as well as constantly optimized the management and communication between the StaFi team and community members.

Adam and Miracle are also members of the StaFi Moderator Team which are contributing to StaFi Protocol with additional resources and capabilities that exceeds maintaining the community. For example, Adam has designed the new UI for StaFi’s website and rToken App while Miracle is helping StaFiHub expand through business development and communication with new Cosmos Ecosystem projects.

We hereby reinstate our deep gratitude to those who have supported and helped us. They have made StaFi feel more like a family with their community contributions.

Early 2022, the StaFi team introduced liquidity staking to the Cosmos Ecosystem and developed StaFiHub, which was built using the Cosmos-SDK and aims to provide liquid staking solutions for assets through the IBC Protocol to rapidly grow the staking industry. The continuous expansion of StaFi’s business also puts forward higher requirements in terms of human resourcing.

Therefore, we are launching the StaFi Moderator Incentive Program which aims to further attract outstanding community contributors to join the StaFi Moderator Team, bringing together the best interests in the community to advance StaFi’s vision of a community driven, decentralized ecosystem.

Moderator Recruitment Plan

In order to continuously enrich the content of StaFi social channels (including StaFi Twitter, StaFi Forum), we will continue to recruit the following position.

1.StaFi Twitter Operator

Daily operation of StaFi’s Twitter accounts, drafting tweets and engaging the community with the progress of StaFi products.

2.StaFi Forum Manager

Manage and operate StaFi&StaFiHub forums and initiate discussions and polls based on the StaFi latest progress. Additionally, an important duty of the StaFi Forum Manager is to draft integration proposals for Cosmos Ecosystem projects according toStaFi team requirements, followed by releasing the proposals to multiple social channels and following up on community feedback.

3.Video Producer

In comparison to plain text, video presentations are more engaging and attention retaining. We are seeking a video producer to create product demonstrations and explanatory videos that will help the community understand StaFi’s product and boost the promotion of StaFi’s products as a whole.


With the rapid development of the Crypto industry, especially in the last few years, new ideas are constantly emerging in abundance. Researchers are required to conduct in-depth research on liquidity staking, Cosmos Ecosystem and other new developments to help StaFi gain new development opportunities.

5.Testing Moderator

A Testing Moderator plays a crucial role in the comprehensive testing of StaFi products. They are tasked with providing optimization suggestions on our products (functional bugs or UI/UX). The StaFi team will continue to optimize our products based on the feedback from Testing Moderators and try our best to provide a more user-friendly experience to our users.

6.Meme Creator

Memes are also a very interesting way of communication. Meme Creators will need to create a series of creative memes aiming to engage the community and help the promote StaFi.

Let’s convene: Google Form!

StaFi Moderator Incentive Program

The StaFi Core Team appreciates every moderator for their hard work, for which we would like to articulate by launching the StaFi Moderator Incentive Program which includes short-term incentive for current moderators as well as long-term incentive for moderators who have contributed to StaFi for a full year:

1.Short-term Incentive: On Thanksgiving Day 2022 (November 24, 2022), the StaFi team will be sending 500U (in FIS tokens) as an incentive for each member of the StaFi Moderator Team to show our thanks for their work in the past period of time.

2.Long-term Incentive: Moderators who are able to work for a full year, starting from Thanksgiving 2022 (November 24, 2022), will receive a reward package worth 5,000 FIS for their hard work over the past year.

Eligible Moderators For Short-term Incentive

1.Alpha: 35QMRtSdXwzMbWgm7DvvDDH6DruWL4PT9Gm7cGr679L*****

Role: StaFi Community Manager

Alpha maintains the smooth operation of the StaFi Discord channel, as well as providing support, monitoring, and maintenance of the discord server. He also provides quick responses to support tickets in Discord channel. Additionally, he created the product feedback forum for the 3 major StaFi products (StaFi App, StaFiHub App , rDEX App) which helps the StaFi team obtain product feedback quickly from our community members.

2.Adam: 32Ri5hnwxxCjhTRLf33Y9NK8HHMRiLU73GnpeHbuGM3*****

Role: StaFi Community Manager

Adam is an Administrator for the StaFi Telegram and Discord Channel and manages the StaFi community with Alpha. Furthermore, he provides assistance in re-editing certain articles. The StaFi Core team has always gotten quick responses from him on certain issues and arranged work.

3.Miracle: 35WGHKyxM2YuMyjKMbyKcMePh5mup8HYvvM5TkSiS3f*****

Role: StaFi Twitter Operator

Miracle is in charge of 3 StaFi Twitter accounts, @StaFi_Protocol, @StaFiHub_ and @rDEX_Finance. He provides 2–3 updates daily on each Twitter account with quality content. Meanwhile, he drafts announcements for all main updates, especially for StaFiHub. He also creates polls every Saturday, which is an interesting way to obtain community feedback on StaFi products.

4.Dayal: 344RaAWsFqzit4ZXXpy4arxnziw1kJG2yhnVQv9zEns*****

Role: StaFi Testing Moderator

From his joining in the StaFi Moderator team, he had a very deep and comprehensive testing on rDEX V2, StaFiHub and rETH V2. He raised many highly detailed suggestions in his report, such as fixing the data formats and pointing out the bugs when managing the liquidity, etc. His feedback is very helpful for us to optimize StaFi products.

StaFi Moderators will get

1.Financial support: Our moderators will get a base salary and a certain amount of bonus in FIS token based on the contribution and performance each month.

2.Expertise training: Our moderators can help build the StaFi community in what they are good at and polish professional knowledge & skills.

3.Participate In The Decision Making : Before new products are launched, our moderators are able to participate in internal team discussions and exclusive priority in testing new products. They are required to provide their valuable feedback on StaFi products.


StaFi has been committed to building an open, free and self-governing community. In addition to the StaFi core team, it is also inseparable from the unremitting efforts of every StaFi moderator. We aim to continuously optimize community management, responding to the questions from the community, creating visually stunning videos and memes to advocate StaFi’s Liquid Staking ideas and blockchain technology, creating creative video and Meme to advocate and generalize StaFi’s ideas and blockchain knowledge, researching crypto technology to create new development paths and more. The effort of every Moderator further advances StaFi’s vision of a community-driven, decentralized ecosystem. Passionate and enthusiastic community members are always welcome to join us!

About StaFi

StaFi is the first DeFi protocol unlocking liquidity of staked assets. Users can stake PoS tokens through StaFi and receive rTokens in return, which are available for trading, while still earning staking rewards. rToken is a synthetic staking derivative issued by StaFi to users when users stake PoS tokens through StaFi rToken App . rTokens are anchored to the PoS tokens staked by users and the corresponding staking rewards. rTokens can be transferred and traded at any time.

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StaFi Protocol is a decentralized protocol which provides the liquidity of the Staking Assets,such as XTZ, ATOM, Algo, etc,. StaFi solves the problem between token liquidity and Mainnet security by issusing a ABT token( Asset-backed token).

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