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StaFi Officially Announces rDOT Liquidity Solution for Polkadot Staking


rDOT Product Introduction


rDOT/DOT exchange rate

rDOT Value

rDOT product participants

Original Validators

OV Project

OV Nomination Rules


Claim Rewards

rDOT Charge

Mint rToken


Burn rToken

The secondary market circulation of rDOT

Substrate rToken General Standard

About StaFi Protocol



StaFi Protocol is a decentralized protocol which provides the liquidity of the Staking Assets,such as XTZ, ATOM, Algo, etc,. StaFi solves the problem between token liquidity and Mainnet security by issusing a ABT token( Asset-backed token).

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StaFi_Protocol A Decentralize Protocol to Provide the liquidity of Your Staking Assets