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StaFi Protocol Monthly-August Community Update

In August, the StaFi team made significant progress in StaFiHub. With the joint efforts of the core team and 11 Genesis validators, the StaFiHub mainnet beta was successfully launched. Meanwhile, the liquidity Staking Dapps matrix based on StaFiHub is also being launched step by step. rBridge & Fee Station, rATOM V2& rATOM V1 migration and rATOM MintDrop campaign are live on StaFiHub mainnet. Here’s the highlight of major events and updates that happened on StaFi in August.

Technical Updates


1.On the 8th of August, the new StaFiHub public testnet which is for long-term running was released. Update highlights:

1)Add claim functions, which users can claim their airdrop tokens after the StaFiHub mainnet launched.

2)Support to register the ICA (Interchain Accounts) pool of the target chain on StaFiHub, which brings more security, decentralization and ease of integration.

Check more details:

2.StaFiHub Mainnet Beta was live on August 17 at 1PM UTC. StaFiHub chain supports the IBC protocol and interchain account to create the best experience for users now.

The liquid staking matrix based StaFiHub includes:

1)rToken App with rIRIS and rATOM V2

2)rATOM V2 Migration

3)Delegation Algorithm V1

4) rDEX V2

5)rBridge V2


7)Fee Station

Check more details:

3.On the 24th of August, rATOM V2 was live on StaFiHub mainnet to provide the liquid staking solutions for ATOM stakers. Meanwhile, the V1 migration could be implemented for rATOM V1 holders to exchange for new rATOM tokens issued on the StaFiHub chain.

4.On the 25th of August, airdrop claim page was live on StaFiHub website. The airdrop campaign was organized to reward:

1)StaFiHub testnet participants.

2)StaFiHub testnet validators

3)YES Voters on Cosmos liquid staking prop #72.

Check more details:

5.On the 24th of August, rBridge V2 and Fee Station were launched on StaFiHub rToken App.

Fee Station supports the exchange for ICS-20 FIS tokens with their Cosmos ICS-20 tokens for gas fee. rBridge V2 supports cross-chain transfers between StaFi chain, StaFiHub and Cosmos IBC chains.

6.On the 30th of August, rATOM MintDrop campaign on StaFiHub was live, ATOM staker could enjoy:

1)A share from 200,000 FIS reward pool by winning 1.35 FIS per staked ATOM.

2)Target APR of 16.80% generated from StaFiHub’s smart delegation algorithm.

3)FIS gas fee airdrop.

The campaign will last for 90 days and the FIS rewards will be linearly vested over a period of 30 days.

StaFi Chain Update

On the 12nd of August, V0.5.2 of StaFi chain was released. Main update:

cd stafi-node

git pull

git checkout V0.5.2

cargo build — release

Community Updates

1.rHUAHUA Liquid Staking Solution

On the 3rd of August, StaFiHub proposed the liquid staking solution rHUAHUA for the Chihuahua community. On the 8th August, this proposal passed with over 95% voting YES. rHUAHUA will be integrated on StaFiHub as a result of this.

2.rATOM Solution V2

On the 5th of August, StaFi released rATOM solution V2 on StaFiHub due to the cross-chain issues between the StaFi chain and Cosmos network.

rATOM Solution V2 will:

1)Be deployed on the StaFiHub chain.

2)Support rATOM transfer between StaFiHub and other cosmos IBC gang chains.

3)Support interchain accounts.

4)Utilize StaFiHub delegation algorithm.

5)Support the trading between new rATOM / $ATOM on rDEX.

Check more details:

3.StaFiHub Explorer

On the 18 of August, StaFiHub released the official explorer for the StaFiHub chain:

4.rIRIS Liquid Staking Solution

On the 19th of August, StaFiHub proposed the liquid staking solution rIRIS for IRISnet Community and was to request to take further action on the 1M USD valued $IRIS liquidity support. On 25th, the proposal passed and we could see that rIRIS solutions are integrated on StaFiHub soon.

5.Twitter Space AMA

On the 23rd of August, StaFi held a Twitter Space AMA with Citadel and StakeWithus to talk about StaFiHub liquid staking and Smart Delegation Algorithm. If you missed it, catch up with the discussion on space recording.

6.rATOM MintDrop Campaign

On the 26th of August, StaFi announced rATOM MintDrop Campaign with a total pool of 200,000 FIS tokens would be launched on StaFiHub to reward liquid staking users for staking ATOM and minting rATOM alongside.

Triple rewards for staking ATOM:

1)Sharing the 200,000 FIS reward pool by winning 1.35 $FIS per staked $ATOM.

2)Target APR of 16.56% generated from StaFiHub’s Smart Delegation Algorithm.

3)Get $FIS gas fee airdrop.

Check more details:

7.Twitter Poll

In August, StaFi created a s series of polls to know more about community‘s views on StaFi products, you can find more details here:






Chihuahua Joins the StaFiHub Liquid Staking Ecosystem

On the 10th of August, StaFiHub and Chihuahua will work together to build/expand the liquid staking solution (rHUAHUA solution) for HUAHUA.

Through this integration, both parties will:

1)Develop rHUAHUA based on StaFiHub’s liquid staking solution.

2)Jointly boost the liquidity for rHUAHUA on rDEX.

3)Co-marketing for rHUAHUA solution.

4)Source third-party Integrations for $rHUAHUA token.

September Prospects

September is coming, the 2022 Q3 roadmap will be gradually achieved in the coming month. rETH V2, Smart Delegation Algorithm V2 and rToken App V4 are in development now. Meanwhile, the liquidity kits based on StaFiHub, rDEX V2 and related MintDrop Campaigns will be released one by one. September will be a month that is expected and exciting.

About StaFi

StaFi is the first DeFi protocol unlocking liquidity of staked assets. Users can stake PoS tokens through StaFi and receive rTokens in return, which are available for trading, while still earning staking rewards. rToken is a synthetic staking derivative issued by StaFi to users when users stake PoS tokens through StaFi rToken App . rTokens are anchored to the PoS tokens staked by users and the corresponding staking rewards. rTokens can be transferred and traded at any time.

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