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StaFi Protocol Monthly- June Community Updates

Up to now, StaFi has launched five rTokens, including rFIS, rETH, rDOT, rKSM and rATOM. In June, the UI/UX optimization of rToken App was also carried out one after another. The rETH v2.0 was deployed on the mainnet, and the optimization of rFIS App v2.0 is in progress. In terms of community work, StaFi Warriors still carried most of the marketing work. At the same time, we also cooperated with Polkalokr and Coinswap to gradually expand the application of rToken and enrich the ecosystem of rToken.

The following are details of the general progress in June.

Technical Update

1.rToken Analytics Dashboard

On June 18th, StaFi released the rToken analytics dashboard to make the statistics of rTokens transparent. Everyone could easily review the TVL, Exchange Rate, rToken Price, Unique Users and Total Fees collected of all rTokens combined.

2.rETH App V2

On June 24th, rETH App V2 is deployed on mainnet with better UI/UX and lower validator Deposit. rFIS App V2 is under construction.

Meanwhile, we lower down the validator’s required deposit from 8 to 4 ETH per pool according to our deep research on slashing rules (below) and past experiences of running validators.

Community Building

1.StaFi Warriors

On June 15th, StaFi released the incentives for the Warriors Program for May. In that month, StaFi Warriors created varied types of contents with high quality, and through those materials, community members had a better understanding of StaFi products. The StaFi community is growing strongly.

2.Increase the Incentive Pool on Curve

On June 22th, StaFi raised up the incentive pool for rETH/ETH liquidity providers on Curve, the LP farming APY of rETH pool tops among all its counterparts and reaches up to 21.06%.

Events & Partnerships

1.StaFi & Polkalokr

On June 10th, StaFi formed partnership with Polkalokr to explore the use of Polkalokr’s technology for locking and distribution of tokens for StaFi. Polkalokr will be exploring the use of StaFi’s rTokens to provide more utility and usability to the Polkalokr community and clients.

2.StaFi & Unmarshal

On June 10th, StaFi invited Nishanth, the COO of Unmarshal to talk about the exciting synergies between Unmarshal and StaFi.

Check the Recap of AMA.

3.StaFi & Coinswap

On June 22th, StaFi and IRISnet reached cooperation to list rATOM on Coinswap. Also, in the future, StaFi will launch co-incentive campaign with IRISnet for rATOM/ATOM liquidity providers.

4.Solana Hackathon Demo

StaFi is invited by the Solana Project Demo, the Solana Hackathon online campaign supported by DoraHacks , to present the first liquid staking solution rSOL for Solana, on June 24, 20:40, GMT+8.

July Prospects

In June, we updated rETH App to V2.0 and realized the visualization of rToken stats. Also, we evaluated the development of new rToken, including rSOL, rMATIC, etc.. UI/UX optimization work of the rToken App is in progress.

July is the start of the new quarter, we will follow up on the evaluated new rTokens and implement the rToken expanding strategy. The most important thing is to promote liquidity of rTokens, especially the rATOM and rDOTc. At the same time, the rToken mobile App will also be put on the agenda in mid-July to provide conveniences for the mobile wallet users. In general, July will be an important month to increase the robustness and security of the rToken system and lay the foundation for the large-scale application of rToken in the future.

About StaFi Protocol

StaFi is the first DeFi protocol unlocking liquidity of staked assets. Users can stake PoS tokens through StaFi and receive rTokens in return, which are available for trading, while still earning staking rewards. FIS is the native token on StaFi Chain. FIS is required to provide security to the network by staking, pay for transaction fees on the StaFi chain, and mint & redeem rTokens.

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StaFi Protocol is a decentralized protocol which provides the liquidity of the Staking Assets,such as XTZ, ATOM, Algo, etc,. StaFi solves the problem between token liquidity and Mainnet security by issusing a ABT token( Asset-backed token).

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