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StaFi Validator Contribution Standard and the third batch of nomination

It has been 7 months since the StaFi mainnet went live. During this period, the mainnet is running smoothly and StaFi team is very grateful to all validators for long-term support. In October 2020, StaFi launched the Validator Grant program and received submission from 50+ validators so far. After evaluating the latest contributions, 5 validators will be nominated by StaFi foundation. At the same time, StaFi foundation has also decided to cancel the nomination of 5 validators after long-term observation and evaluation. Check the table for the detailed list:

However, through the first two submissions, we found that the contributions submitted by the validator did not meet the real criteria for nomination quite well. Therefore, we specifically wrote this article to display the real criteria we want for nomination grant.

1. Community Education

1) The articles which are close to the recent development of StaFi are published in mainstream media, such as Medium.

2) StaFi rToken tutorial which show the operation of StaFi rToken product, and educates the community on how to use it.

3) Online activities, AMA.

4) Validator community operation.

5) Video (Comprehensive explanation of StaFi, explanation of StaFi rToken products, how to become a validator and operate nodes, server operation experience, how to add monitoring and alarm, etc., or other content).

6) Infographics on validator education.

7) Other.

2. Technology Development

1) Validator rewards visualization tools.

2) Validator rewards query tools.

3) Node script development.

4) Wallet integration.

5) Other.


1) The nomination period will be extended from 3 months to 6 months from the next nomination.

2) The nomination will be cancelled when the validator who obtained the grant in the last period but does not meet the nomination criteria for the next period.

3) Please display your contributions in details as possible as you can when submitting. The contribution details will affect whether you could get the grant.

4) It is highly recommended that the nominated validators adjust the commission to 10% or less, otherwise StaFi foundation has the right to cancel the nomination.

The next contribution submission time is September 1st- 15th, we will also remind validators to submit through our Twitter andTelegram channels. The assessment results will also be released to the community promptly. If you have any questions, please send an email to and we will reply as soon as possible.

About StaFi Protocol

StaFi is the first DeFi protocol unlocking liquidity of staked assets. Users can stake PoS tokens through StaFi and receive rTokens in return, which are available for trading, while still earning staking rewards. FIS is the native token on StaFi Chain. FIS is required to provide security to the network by staking, pay for transaction fees on the StaFi chain, and mint & redeem rTokens.

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