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StaFi Will Work With BlockPI To Improve The Decentralization of Relayer Nodes


BlockPI Web3 Startup Program

  • BlockPI Startup Credits. BlockPI Web3 Startup Program offers up to $1000 credits to startup projects, the credits are redeemable for any packages of BlockPI API service for free. Use all your energy and creativity to the project, not the infrastructure.
  • Tech Support. You also get dedicated support from BlockPI experienced tech team. There will be a dedicated telegram group for you to answer your technical questions.


About BlockPI

About StaFi



StaFi Protocol is a decentralized protocol which provides the liquidity of the Staking Assets,such as XTZ, ATOM, Algo, etc,. StaFi solves the problem between token liquidity and Mainnet security by issusing a ABT token( Asset-backed token).

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StaFi_Protocol A Decentralize Protocol to Provide the liquidity of Your Staking Assets