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StaFiHub Airdrop Campaign Introduction


StaFiHub is built to provide scalable and user-friendly liquid staking solutions to the Cosmos Ecosystem. After three months of conducting comprehensive and robust security testing, the StaFiHub mainnet is just around the corner to be released. In order to welcome the mainnet beta launch of StaFihub, we will be launching an airdrop campaign to reward the early supporters of StaFiHub and Cosmos Ecosystem liquid staking solutions.

As we know, StaFiHub does not have it’s own governance token and will be utilizing StaFi Protocol’s native toke, FIS, as its utility token, therefore, this airdrop campaign could not be designed in a way that was similar to brand new Cosmos Ecosystem projects with a brand new governance token during their mainnet launch. Have a look at the StaFiHub Tokenomics to learn more about this.

StaFi Protocol’s native token, $FIS, is listed on many top tier Central Exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase with considerable amounts of liquidity. This allows airdropped FIS tokens to have real value and liquidity on the secondary market. Simultaneously, we would like to avoid creating intense selling pressure and price fluctuations on the $FIS token on the secondary market even though we would like to reward those who have shown great support for the StaFiHub Testnet.

Therefore, the total $FIS airdropped will be limited to a total amount of 210,320 $FIS, which only takes about 3% of the daily trading volume on the secondary market and 0.18% of the total FIS token amount. This is not the largest airdrop campaign planned compared to other Cosmos Ecosystem projects. However, the StaFi team is committed to rewarding StaFiHub’s loyal community during its testnet period.

Airdrop Eligibility

The StaFiHub Airdrop campaign eligibility requirements have been designed to reward the early supporters of StaFiHub Testnet and active users of the Cosmos ecosystem.

1.StaFiHub Testnet Participants

  • The users who test the StaFiHub Testnet from Apr 19 to July 24 2022.
  • Test the products including rToken App, rAsset App, rBridge App, rPool App and rDEX App.
  • The snapshot for the StaFiHub Testnet participants occurred on Block Height 1430000( July 24, 2022).

2.StaFiHub Testnet Validators

  • The validators running on the StaFiHub Testnet during Apr 19 to July 24 2022.
  • The validators will be divided into Active Validators, who support StaFiHub testnet with an above 95% uptime, and Inactive Validators, who also support StaFiHub testnet but with much lower uptime or joining the testnet very late.
  • The snapshot for the StaFiHub Testnet validators occurred on Block Height 1430000( July 24, 2022) .

3.YES Voters with Small Voting Power for the Bringing Liquid Staking and DeFi to the Cosmos Hub with Interchain Security Proposal

  • Cosmos On-chain Governance Proposal #72, which will bring the liquid staking to the Cosmos Hub, shows the desire as a community for liquid staking solutions.
  • We will choose the small voters with bonded ATOM tokens amount ranging from 1 to 10 as the eligible addresses among all the Yes voters. These small “Yes” voters showed great support for liquid staking solutions on the Cosmos Ecosystem. We would like to show our gratitude to these supporters.
  • The snapshot for the Yes Voter addresses’ staked ATOM amount will be based on the voters’ voting height.

FIS token Airdrop Allocations

We will mainly airdrop FIS tokens to the following 3 groups:

1.StaFiHub Testnet Participants

57,200 $FIS tokens in total for 2,860 eligible addresses, which results to 20 $FIS tokens per eligible address.

2.StaFiHub Testnet Validators

80,000 FIS tokens in total for 100 Active Validators, which results to 800 $FIS tokens per Active Validator; 23,600 FIS tokens in total for 236 Inactive Validators, which results to 100 $FIS tokens per Inactive Validator.

3.Yes Voters for Cosmos Liquid Staking Proposal 72

Yes voters with small voting power for Bringing Liquid Staking and DeFi to the Cosmos Hub with Interchain Security Proposal, 49,520 FIS tokens in total for 4,952 eligible addresses, which results to 10 $FIS tokens per eligible address.

All airdropped tokens will be distributed directly on the StaFiHub mainnet. Everyone could check their eligibility on StaFiHub Airdrop Website, which will be live after the StaFiHub mainnet launch, by connecting to your StaFiHub wallet. The airdrop amount will appear automatically if you are eligible for this airdrop campaign.

How To Claim

You may claim your $FIS airdrop with the following steps:

  • Navigate to
  • Submit your StaFiHub wallet and Cosmos Wallet to check your eligibility.
  • If eligible, the number of FIS tokens available to be claimed will appear.
  • Click on the “Claim” button by signing a transaction using the Keplr Extension Wallet.
  • After a few seconds, you will receive the FIS airdrop in your wallet.

Our Airdrop Page will be available to check your eligibility and claim airdropped rewards after the launch of the StaFiHub mainnet. Announcements will be made when the airdrop claim page on StaFiHub is live.

Special Notes on $FIS Token Standard

There are three highly adopted token standards for $FIS tokens:

  • Native $FIS issued on StaFi Chain to be used as the gas token on the StaFi Chain mainly.
  • ERC-20 $FIS issued on Ethereum to be traded on secondary markets like Binance, Coinbase and Uniswap mainly.
  • ICS-20 $FIS issued on StaFiHub to be used as the gas token on the StaFiHubChain mainly.

The airdropped $FIS will be issued on StaFiHub, hence, may be swapped into ERC-20 $FIS and StaFi Chain Native $FIS through the rBridge.

The main utility of StaFiHub’s $FIS is to provide utility as the gas token on the StaFiHub chain to mint and trade rTokens. Therefore, if you would like to use StaFiHub liquid staking services for Cosmos Eco tokens, it is suggested that you keep some airdropped FIS token in your wallet forgas fees.

Welcome the Coming of StaFiHub Mainnet

StaFiHub’s vision is to provide a secure and scalable liquid staking infrastructure, which includes the rToken App for stakers to use liquid staking and the rDEX App to trade liquid staking derivatives against base tokens for Cosmos Ecosystem projects and communities.

StaFiHub is distinct from other liquid staking solutions present in the Cosmos Ecosystem, and will have its own unique features such as:

1.IBC support

2.Interchain Account support

3. Liquid Staking Solution for Developers to deploy liquid staking solutions in a few days

4.An automatic delegation algorithm to maximize staking rewards, minimize potential losses and decentralize delegations to avoid voting power centralization

5.A Specialized AMM DEX called rDEX to support the trading between all staking derivatives against base tokens

Now StaFiHub is preparing the mainnet launch and will be released in the coming weeks. There will be grand campaigns for users that stake tokens through StaFiHub and as well as liquid providers on the rDEX. Stay tuned for the details of these campaigns by subscribing to all our social channels.

Let’s look forward to the StaFiHub mainnet!

About StaFiHub

StaFiHub is a Cosmos SDK built project developed by StaFi protocol to provide Liquid Staking Derivative SDK solution for Cosmos Eco projects. With StaFiHub, Cosmos Eco projects to easily and quickly get their own liquid staking derivatives with very limited development and time costs.

Website | StaFiHub App(Testnet) | Twitter | Discord



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