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StaFiHub Genesis Validator on Mainnet: Chihuahua

After a thorough internal testing and continuous debugging, StaFiHub mainnet will be launched in early August. In order to build a secure, decentralized and community-owned network for StaFiHub, we released the validator recruitment for StaFiHub mainnet to the community several weeks ago. Up to now, 220+ applications have been submitted.

Now we will gradually release the Genesis Validator list, which will consist of 11 members, to the community one by one before the start of StaFiHub mainnet.

Today, we are glad to announce that Chihuahua is invited to be one of the 11 Genesis Validators on StaFiHub mainnet. StaFiHub will work with Chihuahua to enhance the security of StaFiHub mainnet release.

Chihuahua Introduction

Chihuahua Validator seeks to secure 7+ Cosmos networks while guaranteeing a high-quality service. Chihuahua uses only top-class hardware, active in the governance and proposals voting, has seamless updates of the nodes with the latest upgrades, and offers a fearless delegation experience for the delegators thanks to the multiple alerting systems that help prevent potential downtime and slashes. It is currently trusted by an average of 2,500 delegators per network.

The Contribution Plan from Chihuahua

Chihuahua aims to bridge its community, a core element of the Chihuahua network, with the StaFiHub and have more integrations across the two chains. The ultimate goal is to establish a strong and lasting relationship with the StaFiHub network, which Chihuahua truly believes is essential as chains of the Cosmos ecosystem. Furthermore, Chihuahua is committed to providing top-notch validation for the StaFiHub network, thanks to the experience gained from the other networks.


Chihuahua is a professional staking service provider. Before the two parties reached cooperation, Chihuahua had running nodes for some leading projects like Osmosis, Juno, and Gravity Bridge. StaFiHub is an important exploration for the StaFi team in Cosmos Ecosystem. Security is the fundamental of the StaFiHub network. The professional node management experience from Chihuahua will bring higher security for StaFiHub mainnet. Meanwhile, both of us will jointly explore more cooperation possibilities in the future, which is definitely something to look forward to.

About Chihuahua

Chihuahua ($HUAHUA) is the first interoperable meme coin with a POS blockchain, CosmWasm smart contracts, IBC enabled, and an upcoming Metaverse. Chihuahua is proud to be one of the biggest Community-owned projects in the Cosmos ecosystem. Chihuahua also provides a validation service for the Cosmos blockchains.

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

About StaFiHub

StaFiHub is a Cosmos SDK built project developed by StaFi protocol to provide Liquid Staking Derivative SDK solution for Cosmos Eco projects. With StaFiHub, Cosmos Eco projects to easily and quickly get their own liquid staking derivatives with very limited development and time costs.

Website | StaFiHub App(Testnet) | Twitter | Discord



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