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The Publication of Stafi Tokenomic’s Paper Outlined a Brighter Future for Staking Derivatives

We are excited to share with the community the v1.0 Tokenomics Paper! It details the consensus algorithm, validator election and reward mechanisms, as well as the future application of rTokens, derivatives based on Stafi’s Staking assets.

Stafi is the first DeFi protocol that enriches staking assets with liquidity. The Protocol was initiated in Feb 2019, with a mission of improving the relations between DeFi and Staking, creating a safer PoS public chain and a better underlying asset for DeFi, namely rToken (e.g. rAtom, rXTZ). With rToken in place, the development of DeFi does not actually compromise the security of the original chain. Meanwhile, rToken holders will earn interest without losing liquidity of their staked tokens.

rToken is a derivative token pegged to the staking asset with a 1:1 ratio. On the basis of it, a myriad of applications can be developed. At the same time, token holders do not have to choose between staking and DeFi-they can do both!. When it is widely applied, Stafi Protocol will be an indispensable infrastructure in the DeFi world.

Tokenomics of Stafi covers:

  • Consensus Mechanisms: the NPoS consensus of Stafi
  • Incentives for Stafi Validators: including election, Staking reward and Slash mechanism
  • Incentives for Stafi Special Validators: including selecting, Staking reward and Slash mechanism
  • FIS (the native token on Stafi chain) and its circulation: further issuance, burning and circulation model
  • Value distribution: fees for liquidity, Tx fee and its contribution, Protocol Treasury
  • Future Work: The future directions of Stafi and the application scenario of rToken

For Stafi Tokenomics please check:

English Version:

Chinese Version:

About Stafi Protocol

Stafi is the first DeFi protocol that provides liquidity to staking assets. It does so by facilitating the issuance of rTokens, which enable you to get the staking rewards and trade or lend the locked staking tokens at the same time. Starting on Polkadot, Stafi is able to tap into Cosmos, Tezos, and other blockchain ecosystems — opening a new chapter in decentralized finance!






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