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The rDEX V2 Mainnet Is Coming and Recap of The Bug Bounty


On July 5th, rDEX V2 was launched on StaFiHub testnet with a Bug Bounty program. During the testing period of about two months, we have received some valuable feedback and suggestions that will help us optimize the product from our community.

At present, the optimization work has been completed with the joint efforts of the StaFi team and our community. And we have been ready for the final release of rDEX mainnet soon .

Before the final release of rDEX V2 mainnet on StaFiHub, we would like to recap on the rDEX V2 bug bounty program and release the reward winners.

Bug Bounty Summary

During the rDEX V2 bug bounty period, we received 35 bug report emails from the community, of which 17 reports were questions about rDEX V2, 13 emails were about product optimization suggestions, and the rest were about bugs and general suggestions.

As for the product optimization suggestions, we have reviewed those carefully and found some of them to be quite impressive. For example, Dayal KS, one of our community members, had a very deep and comprehensive testing on rDEX V2 and raised about 51 detailed suggestions in his report, such as fixing the data formats and pointing out the bugs when managing the liquidity, etc. By the way, we have invited Dayal KS to be our one of the StaFi product tester warriors considering his commitment and capability in this bug bounty.

As for the bug reports, we have already communicated with the report submitters after the evaluation of these bugs. In the end, 17 bugs with low severity to rDEX V2 security and 1 bug with moderate severity were accepted by the StaFi developer team. These bug reports are very helpful for us to minimize the security risks for our community. The accepted bugs summarized as follows:

Bounty Winners and Rewards

Based on the reward rules of rDEX V2 Bug Bounty Program and also the idea to motivate more community members to join in our programs in the future, we decided to reward the 13 community members who contributed in this Bug Bounty Program. Dayal KS has won 3.2K $USDT rewards and become the biggest winner of this bug bounty program. We highly welcome more community members like Dayal KS to stand out in the future’s bug bounty programs of StaFi.

For this bug bounty, $FIS token on StaFiHub chain will be rewarded to these winners. We will contact the above winners by email as soon as possible to collect the StaFiHub address on StaFiHub and send incentives. Please be informed.

Special Notes: The bug bounty program for rDEX V2 has not ended, So the community can continue to report the potential bugs of rDEX V2 at any time in the future, and we will continue to give you the rewards according to the Bug Bounty Rewards Rule.

rDEX Mainnet Is Coming

In the next, we will deploy rDEX V2 on StaFiHub mainnet to fulfill the vision of trading staking derivatives against their base native tokens. The $rATOM and $ATOM trading pool will be supported first after launching on mainnet, which means the rATOM holders could trade their $rATOM tokens against the $ATOMs very soon.

rDEX V2 on StaFiHub has the vision of becoming an AMM DEX with continous liquidity model for all staking derivatives, not just for the rTokens issued by StaFi and StaFiHub.

After rDEX V2 mainnet deployment, we will release a grand liquidity farming program for rDEX V2 liquidity providers, and you could refer to this announcement for more details about our plan to bootstrap the liquidity of rDEX in the long term. And we will release the liquidity farming program details about rDEX V2 soon, please stay tuned.

To conclude, rDEX V2 on StaFiHub mainnet will be the next big event and will come very soon. Thanks for our community’s strong support.

About rDEX

rDEX is the first AMM DEX to support the decentralized trading of the staking derivetives. rDEX could realize the low slippage for staking derivative tokens against the base token in small and medium-sized transactions through its CLP market maker model.

Website | rDEX App | Twitter | Discord



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