THANK YOU Lukinators!!

Guest blog post written by Lukas Rieger

Guys, I can’t say it any different, the last months were awesome, thanks to YOU! And the tour has not even started yet… !

The Voice Kids was a great experience and I have seen on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, how many people out there are interested in me and want to support what I do. Your support made me plan my first live tour with my label Miami-Blue RECORDS. Who would have thought before that this all would happen so fast? When we found Stagelink, we knew it was a perfect match for me and then it already started. You made it possible because of your support and your votes for your cities and now WE made this a mega tour! Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hanover — here I come! I feel thrilled and I am so much looking forward to the tour!!! Daniele and his Negromies demonstrated what’s possible and now we know, Lukinators can do this too!!! :-*

Because of your votes on Stagelink you showed me how many of you actually want to see me live! Awesome!! And the ticket sales for my meet & greet tour is going crazy. We even needed to add more VIP tickets for you! :) This will also mean there is a lot more for me to do but I love to do that for you! :-* Love you all and looking forward to seeing you soon!! #teamrieger ❤

Yours, Lukas

Background info:
Within four weeks in April 2015, Lukas Rieger collected more than 2,500 fan requests on his Stagelink profile Thus he identified the top 5 demanded cities with more than 800 nearby requests. Afterwards it was no problem for him to find an promoter who booked suitable locations matching real-time demand. Since the beginning of May 2015, Lukas sold tickets for this meet & greet tour directly to his fans on Stagelink. After a few days the tour was financed, four weeks into the pre-sale Lukas has sold 90% of the tickets Stagelink had predicted.

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