What is a beauty vlogger?

Beauty, lifestyle and a whole lot of fun. That is what beauty vlogging mainly is about. Those YouTub channels are mostly run by girls who talk about their favorite make-up and beauty products. Teaching and reviewing, shopping hauls, life hacks and everyday tips are a beauty vlogger core topics.

Michelle Phan, who started her YouTube channel in 2006, is one of the ultimate pioneers of beauty vlogging. Today she has more than 8.2 million followers. These days beauty bloggers are lucky like never before. Starting around 2012 Germany as well owns some successful and creative beauty vloggers today. For example BibisBeautyPalace now has more than 2.5 million followers and is one of germanys most successful bloggers on YouTube. And even smaller vlogs like Julia Beautx and xLaeta are on the rise and own about 600.000 followers by now.

Photo Credits
 Michelle Phan — facebook.com/MichellePhanOfficial
 Bibis Beauty Palace — facebook.com/Bibis-Beauty-Palace-478371152206885
 Julia Beautx — facebook.com/JuliaBeautx99
 xLaeta — facebook.com/xLaeta

The secret of success of beauty and video blogging underlies their girl next door mentality. Ordinary girls are becoming beauty gurus. In short but charming videos, sprinkled with a lot of fun they screen latest trends of the cosmetic industry, like baking, contouring and strobing as well as easy to imitate make-up tips which have great added value for the viewers. Viewers identify themselves with those YouTube stars. They are authentic and seem to be approachable. The girls take on an important role to the viewers, like a good friend.


By the way, on january, 30th, we were at the GLOW — Germanys first convention for Beauty and Lifestyle. On the spot we saw german beauty and YouTube stars, brands like NYX, Maybelline and Essie, as well as a great live stage. In THIS ARTICLE you will get all the information about the day we spent at GLOW.

Also the Pyjamaparty tour is coming up, where you can meet & greet and have lots of fun with beauty YouTubers Julia Beautx, Nihan0311 und Niloofar Irani!


February 20 — Köln (Kulturcafé Lichtung)

February 21 — Frankfurt (Orange Peel)

February 27 — Hamburg (Good Old Days Dance Bar)

February 28 — Berlin (Privatclub)


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