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Create a Metaverse Neighborhood and get access to the Land Presale

Today, we’re launching the ability to form or join Neighborhoods in Stageverse! We believe that one of the most powerful concepts associated with the metaverse is the ability to have shared spatial experiences with others online, and Neighborhoods further enables this connection. We’re prioritizing these communities in Stageverse, so anyone who creates or joins a Neighborhood will get first access to our Land Presale list.

Let’s dive in to what Neighborhoods are and how you can get in on them! 👇

Neighborhoods are an opportunity for you and your community to come together, with adjacent land plots on the Stage. They are places where diverse groups of people with shared interests can have their own unique plot of land, but also join together to connect and create innovative ideas in this new immersive frontier.

They can form around any interest or passion, from small groups of friends and family to large brand and NFT communities. Neighborhoods are what you and your community make them — an opportunity for expression, connection and representation within the emerging 3D internet we call the metaverse.

Drop into our new Land Sale page for more details, or dive into our step-by-step guide below on how to get started.

How to create a Neighborhood

Connect your wallet

Neighborhoods are easy to create! Simply head over to to get started. First, you’ll need to connect a crypto wallet. We support the most popular wallets, including direct connections with Metamask and Coinbase, plus Wallet Connect to integrate with several other crypto wallets.

Your wallet is required so that we can reserve your land allocation for the upcoming mint. If you aren’t familiar with how to set up a crypto wallet, check out our docs for some helpful resources.

Name your hood

This is where you can let your imagination run wild, as it is your opportunity to name your new metaverse community. You may have heard that Snoop Dog has created his own “SnoopVerse,” well now you can do the same, whether it’s the name of a club, community, or shared interest group (ie: SneakerVerse, Hodl Heights, Upper East Sidewayz, Lost Vegas, ????).

To join or create a neighborhood, you’ll also need to identify yourself with a nickname — which is important if you are joining multiple neighborhoods.

Select your land quantity

Choose the number of land plots you’d like to reserve for yourself within the neighborhood, up to a maximum of 50 per wallet (across all neighborhoods). Neighborhoods themselves can have up to 250 plots in each, or can be expanded to 500 plots under special request. Hit us up in Discord, if you’d like to request an expanded neighborhood size!

Invite your friends

Neighborhoods aren’t neighborhoods without a solid group of people, so now’s the time to get the word out. Copy your unique share link and tweet or DM it to your crew and they’ll be able to come in and join. You’ll need at least 3 unique wallets connected to qualify for pre-sale access. Note, as Neighborhood founder, you’ll be able to see all members in the neighborhood and delete members, if needed.

Forming Neighborhoods after the Land Mint

The Neighborhood Presale is an opportunity to form a metaverse community at time of land mint. If you are part of a Neighborhood, then you are guaranteed to have your land adjacent to others in the community when the map is revealed.

After the mint though, the dynamic changes. Neighborhoods are organic entities that will grow and shrink over time based on ownership. In order to grow neighborhoods after the land mint, you’ll need to have consensus between land owners of adjacent plots in order to activate them into a neighborhood. Exact details of how neighborhoods can expand and shrink will be released later.

We have a full roadmap of features associated with how Neighborhoods will appear and interact with others that we’re excited to roll out and share in the future.

Now get out there and create a neighborhood, then join us in Discord for more community updates as we approach the Land Sale!

See you in Stageverse 🤙



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