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Introduction to Stageverse Spaces — Centerstage

A couple weeks ago, our cofounder and CEO, Tim Ricker, gave a preview of our vision and the big picture for Stageverse. In the coming weeks and months, you’ll be hearing from several members of the Stage team as we unveil the different facets of the Stageverse ecosystem. This week, we’re doing a brief introduction to our first of many metaverse spaces—Centerstage.

Welcome to Stageverse!

Since we’re still in public beta, the primary intent of our apps today is to showcase platform capabilities, test features and collect community feedback. We’re building this world to enable an entirely new dimension of connection for our community, and value every piece of feedback, so please join our Discord and let us know any thoughts or questions. We’re working hard to get to our public launch and can’t wait to share the expansive Stageverse experience with you!

Entrance to Centerstage

When you first open the Stageverse app (iOS or Android), you’ll be prompted to select your avatar and create your account. Currently there are 26 variations of avatars to choose from depending on your preference, including collections from Muse and Balmain. We’re currently working on dramatically expanding our avatar system to allow people to highly customize their appearance, clothing and animations. Stay tuned for more!

Select from several avatar styles

Once you’ve selected your avatar and created an account, you’re ready to begin exploring Stageverse! Take a walk through the on-screen tutorial to learn how to move around and interact in the space. You’ll spawn at the entrance to the Atrium, where you can then take a stroll around and enjoy the view, including the northern lights paired with palm trees and mountains.

Take in the view 🤩

Make your way through the entrance hallway into the main Atrium space. Currently, this area is teasing our upcoming product offering and land sale, along with featuring the 3D Muse concert experience. As we move into our public launch, this area will be transformed and you’ll be able to travel to many different spaces and experiences.

Hallway to Centerstage

Check out the lounge area in the middle, have a seat and look around. When you see other people in the Atrium, feel free to walk up to them and say hello by tapping the mic button once in the top right (with headphones) or push-to-talk (without headphones). Stageverse includes spatial audio chat, which enables multiple conversations to occur in the same space, with volume varying based on proximity. For optimal experience, be sure to use headphones. In the coming weeks, we’ll drop another blog that will go into detail on social interaction in Stageverse.

Chillin’ in the Centerstage lounge

Finally, make your way over to the Muse experience and enter into the Stageverse Stadium portal to explore that space and enjoy a fully immersive 3D concert experience! Check out our previous blog for more details on the Muse 3D Concert Experience.

Muse 3D Concert Experience

This has just been a brief look at the Centerstage and the experiences that are possible in Stageverse, but there is much more to come, including personalized spaces and an NFT land sale.

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See you in Stageverse!



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