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New Space: The Desert Theater 🌵☀️

You’re trapped in the bustling city — overrun with traffic, sirens, crowds, and elevated stress levels. You’re getting pinged on group chats, but the geographic realities of the world restrict you from connecting intimately with your friends and community, whenever and wherever you want.

Enter the Desert Theater.

A sun-drenched oasis, in the infinite expanse of cyberspace. Escape the chaos of daily life, into a“Joshua Tree-like” world where you can relax in the stillness of the desert.

Get intimate with friends around the fire,

Take in a film on the big screen,

Or just get lost in the sunset,

This is Stageverse.

Today, we’re launching a preview of the Desert Theater, which will soon be available for all members of the Stageverse community to use and host parties with their friends as they like.

Access the Desert Theater from Centerstage on Web, iOS and Android.

Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect.

For more on the Desert Theater, our Land Sale and other exciting updates, join us on Discord!



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Jeff Berezny

Jeff Berezny

Adventurer. Entrepreneur. Storyteller. Exploring life @ the collision of love, work & play.