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Relax on your own Private Island 🏝

Imagine relaxing by the pool, while taking in the bliss of the glassy ocean water as it gently laps up against the shores of an island paradise.

Now imagine you can call this home.

There are no limits to what’s possible in the metaverse, and today Stageverse is previewing an entirely new space called the Private Island.

The Private Island showcases the infinite possibilities of the metaverse as it is one part luxury yacht, one part tranquil tropical island. Invite your friends over to enjoy rooftop fire pits, good vibes, and breathtaking 360 views of the ocean surroundings.

While this is a preview of what’s possible at the Private Island, in the future you’ll be able to fully personalize it and decorate it to make it yours. Stay tuned!

Start exploring your Private Island now, by jumping into the app on web, iOS or Android!

Here’s a peek into what you can expect 👇



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