— Distribution event report after 1 week

Axel Rodley
Jul 28, 2019 · 6 min read

42,368 Responses

That is how many times our airdrop form was filled out in the first 7 days after launch. If we break it down on a timely basis these are the results:

  • 6052 responses per day
  • 252 per hour
  • 4 per minute

Pretty impressive right? For the team this isn’t the first rodeo though. Before we launched our own project we worked on other crypto and non-crypto related projects and picked up a lot of things on the way.

We realize that with attractive monetary reward comes greed and people (even bots) filling out the form multiple times and making multiple mistakes along the way.

We made our rules loud and clear! Failure to follow instructions to the dot results in the removal of the response.

What went wrong?

We will guide you through our form step by step and highlight the common mistakes that were made. In the end, we will reveal the number of eligible responses (out of 42, 368 committed) that will be able to claim the $10 Airdrop (Airdrop is worth $10, Bounty $20 and Weekly tasks $20. That is $50 per person to claim.)

1. Email address

We checked the legitimacy of the email addresses by using this tool as we have stated in our instructions. The tool is free and everyone is more than welcome to enter their own email to check their eligibility.

Out of 42,368 emails, 39,472 emails were valid according to the used tool. 2,896 entries (yes — entries, if one of the requirements is wrong the whole entry is removed) have been removed and we aren’t even done with combing through emails.

The next step is searching for duplicates among the emails. We found 1667 duplicates and thus removed the same amount of entries.

The third and final step of email checking. We will send you an email containing instructions that you will have to follow to prove that your email is real & active. This email will be sent after the 24th of August, after phase 1 concludes and before the distribution happens.

2. Eth address

You might be wondering — how does one screw up here? The most obvious way is filling out the form multiple times with the same Eth address to receive more tokens. I don’t want to bother you with the most boring exclusion first so we will start with the 0x problem.

Every Eth address starts with the 0x prefix. That is what they have in common. We set out to find those that did not have 0x in their respective data fields. Some people wrote their name in this field, some pasted their email twice and a couple of other mistakes were found. 17 entries were removed due to these mistakes. 17 might not seem like a lot, but we are very committed to finding each & every entry that does not comply with our requirements and remove it. We aim to achieve as fair of a distribution as possible.

Example of a mistake
Example of a mistake nr. 2

Here come the duplicates. 567 duplicates were found and consequently, 567 entries were removed.

3. Telegram

We have an announcement channel and a discussion group on telegram. To be eligible for the airdrop you need to be a member of both. If you do not have a username or you entered your username in the form incorrectly (you must include @ ) you are ineligible to receive the airdrop.

STAKD Discussion group on telegram
Stakd announcement channel on telegram.

145 entries were removed due to not including @.

We appreciate the attempt.

When it comes to telegram users finding and removing all of the duplicates isn’t the best solution. Anyone can check who is in the channel and just use a random person’s telegram username, combined with his own email and eth address to reap the rewards. We are still debating how to efficiently tackle and manage this problem (we are down to 3 solutions). 6,653 duplicates were found.

We have an algorithm that checks for activity, presence and a couple of other things that we do not wish to reveal and automatically removes entries that are not up to standard.

4. Random number

This one was pretty simple. We used a formula ([0–9][0–9][0–9]),([0–9][0–9][0–9]) and any cell which’s format did not match the formula resulted in the removal of the entry. 7,160 entries were removed.

5. Receive emails from

In order to verify your email address, we need to be able to send you an email. Anyone who voted no, got their entry removed. 228 entries were removed.

6. Privacy policy

Anyone who refused to accept our privacy policy got their entry removed. 23 entries were removed.


Out of 42,368 entries, only 7,569 were eligible. 34,799 were removed. Our instructions on the form are clear and we guided you through our process step by step in order to answer potential questions about the removal of someone’s entry. Airdrop will be running throughout the distribution event from 20.7.2019 to 24.8.2019.

Example of a correctly filled out form:

This report was made because we have seen a lot of mistakes that people repeated and could have been avoided by simply following our instructions. We also get a lot of repetitive questions in our telegram channel on a daily basis. If you have a question please make sure that you’ve read all our available info before asking lazy questions.

Most of your questions can be answered by reading these:

STAKD Bounty will go live on the 3rd of August

If you have any bounty requests or recommendations hit us up on our twitter or send a message in our telegram group.


The ultimate community & brand token. ERC-20 Staking & master node token.

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The ultimate community & brand token. ERC-20 Staking & master node token.

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