Why we’re here

Before you jump in and invest your hard earned money, it’s worth understanding why Stake is here.

We believe that investing your money is a right, not a privilege reserved for a select few. Costs should be low, opportunities should be easy to discover and the experience as simple as buying a pair of shoes online. For everyone. Always.

Why is that important? Quite simply, those who have better access to more opportunities with better execution are more likely to get better returns — or alpha (as it’s known in the industry). How do we know? We’ve seen this first hand.

We built Stake to give you great access to financial products at the right price — so you can generate your alpha.

Stake uses technology and works with trusted partners to keep your assets safe, your execution costs low and give you simple access to a broad range of investment opportunities.

Right now, we’re working on giving you a simpler and cheaper way to buy and sell US listed shares. We’ll be much more than that in time. As they say…Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It’s also worth telling you what we’re not.

— We’re not here to make investment decisions for you.

— We’re not here to decide how much or how often you invest.

— We’re not here to tell you what to put your money in. Only you can decide that.

Ultimately, you control where you invest your money.

Now that you know about Stake, think whether it’s for you. If it is, great! Start small and give us feedback — we’ll listen. If you really like Stake, why not gift someone shares and let them join us for the journey?

Click here to see what we created and to explore Stake.

Matthew Leibowitz
Founder & CEO

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