Stake Capital Introduction

Our Values and Mission

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Stake Capital is your partner to effortlessly participate in decentralised economies. We provide highly available and secure blockchain validation services for the leading proof-of-stake protocols.

Our mission is centered around five core values:

S — Secure
T — Trust-minimising
A — Available
K — Know How
E — Effortless


From integrating hardware security module (HSM) support directly into our Tier 3+ servers, to deploying cloud based sentry nodes across the globe to ensure uptime and minimise latency, Stake Capital does not compromise on security or reliability.

We have partnered (announcement) with BSO, an award-winning Ethernet network, Cloud and Hosting provider. BSO provides dedicated and secure connectivity to our HSM-enabled servers for maximum security. In addition, we are working with two leading cloud providers (Amazon Web Services & Google Cloud) to provide optimal reliability.

Stake Capital Infrastructure Partners.


Stake Capital validation services are non-custodial: users grant Stake Capital the right to participate by temporarily locking their assets, but they retain ownership at all times and are free to withdraw anytime.

We provide transparent monitoring tools for delegators to easily monitor the health of our infrastructure and their realised returns.


Network participants are rewarded for providing valuable work to decentralised networks, but they can also be penalised for being offline as this can jeopardise network integrity.

Our dedicated infrastructure and optimised software are designed to be highly available, especially under sustained malicious attacks, to generate the best possible staking returns.

Know How

The networks and services supported by Stake Capital require an increasingly diverse range of skills and know how. Our team and advisors is composed of early blockchain developers and community members, with diverse skills and backgrounds, ensuring we always provide well architected services.


Our goal is to make the process smooth and simple: everything is secured on-chain, and delegations only require a few clicks. We then provide intuitive tools such as monitoring services, investor dashboards, and alert services, to keep delegators informed.

Proof-of-Stake Economy

Stake Capital offers validation services for Proof-of-Stake networks. If you are unfamiliar with Proof-of-Stake, here is a brief summary.

Proof-of-Stake is a group of consensus algorithms used to align incentives in a decentralised network. It is rapidly becoming the preferred design as it offers superior energy-efficiency, is incentive-compatible, and offers comparable security to “Proof-of-Work”.

Proof-of-work network participants consume energy in a race to solve random puzzles to earn rewards, which increases the cost of malicious behaviour and secures the network (e.g. Bitcoin and Ethereum 1.0).
Proof-of-stake network participants lock network currency in a security deposit in case the nodes misbehave, which increases the cost of malicious behaviour and secures the network. (e.g. Cosmos, Polkadot, Ethereum 2.0, Dfinity).

Proof-of-Work vs Proof-of-Stake — source (Atomic Wallet)

By design, Proof-of-Work favours those who have access to cheap electricity and dedicated hardware, which is why we saw the emergence of companies running bitcoin mining operations such as Bitmain and Bitfury. Alternately, individual miners have participated by pooling resources into Mining Pools like AntPool or, allowing them to gain more predictable rewards.

Proof-of-Stake rewards those with highly available infrastructure and optimised software. This will lower the barrier to entry for participants, but will still require a minimum threshold to be economical. This is why we are building Stake Capital.

While Proof-of-Work mining pool required users to purchase and run their hardware, Proof-of-Stake allows investors to delegate their staking power to Stake Capital’s infrastructure and be rewarded for their contribution in the network(s). Our users delegate their staking power and Stake Capital runs the whole staking operations, deploying nodes around the globe to ensuring high availability and maximise staking returns.

Why choose Stake Capital?

Stake Capital is the best solution for investors who want to earn a return on their assets without worrying about the technical challenges associated with staking operations.

Stake Capital is building custom investor tools to keep you informed at all times on your investments’ performance.

Stake Capital is available to answer your queries and questions on our Telegram support.

Stake Capital is already accepting delegations on Cosmos, Loom, Livepeer and Tezos, and will rapidly support more networks. Whilst the initial networks are focused on validation services, we will offer a wider range of services.

Initial networks supported by Stake Capital, more coming soon.
Cosmos address: cosmosvaloper1k9a0cs97vul8w2vwknlfmpez6prv8klv03lv3d
Loom address: 0xeb5d1fa6e421485c7ae2fba8e3199588ed931daf
Livepeer address: 0xa6a9eb29e786b5233bd99c0ba28be882fe954a0e
Tezos address: tz1Z3KCf8CLGAYfvVWPEr562jDDyWkwNF7sT

Stake Capital takes a market-leading convenience fee for the service provided. We offer the smallest fee across the top 10 validators:

Focus on what you do best and delegate staking to Stake Capital.

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