The Dawn of Accountability

Announcing the Launch of Staked

We live in an always-on world, with more of our thoughts and opinions broadcast than ever before. On one hand, this is to be celebrated for the unprecedented rate at which we can learn from each other. On the other, it’s hard to shake the feeling that one thing is consistently missing: accountability.

Not accountability of the “I did/said something reprehensible” sort. Rather, a type of accountability that is far harder to enforce is when someone says, “X will happen by Y date / in the future.” The difficulty is that there’s no instant burden of proof. Time goes on — words, tweets, and articles are inevitably forgotten — and credibility remains falsely intact.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Staked, a mobile-first platform for predictions and accountability that’s live for iOS today.

Some basics:

  • We’re an easy place to track predictions. We aim to create a durable accountability community that can always be referenced.
  • We’re topic-agnostic. Over time we’ll feature a variety of topics (sports, tech, news, finance, sports, entertainment, etc).
  • You can add your own predictions, or those made by friends, acquaintances, public figures—anyone.

The dawn of accountability is here.

Thanks for reading. Download Staked for iOS here. Also find us @StakedApp.

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