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We continue to receive great projects of crypto ecosystem in our AMA space, this time we welcome Jeff Kirdeikis CEO of TrustSwap, and we have the debut of two high-quality moderators Juan Carlos García and Julio Escalante Bidegain of Team.

  • Juan Carlos — Welcome everybody! To the AMA with Jeff Kirdeikis CEO of TrustSwap, one of the most important Launchpads of the market!

The AMA will be structured in 3 phases:
1. Short presentation as voice chat.
2. Questions of the group members.
3. Small open round for live questions.

  • Julio — Welcome Jeff! Let’s go. The first question:

Q1) Trustswap is more than just a Launchpad. Could you give us 3 reasons why to choose Trustswap?


A1) We’re currently ranked the #1 launchpad by Marketcap.
For a good reason:

— Guaranteed allocations
— No gas wars
— 12-hour allocation window
— ​ Cross chain compatible.

The average ROI from launchpads is nearly 20X. So, our results speak for themselves.

  • Julio — Wow. Congratulations. Let me add the following:

TrustSwap is a full-service multiplatform for digital assets, comprised of different products:

SMARTLOCKS: Decentralized application that allows blockchain projects to lock their ERC20 coins and LP Liquidity tokens in a time-released non-custodial smart contract vault.

STAKING: 80% of all transactions in the Trustswap ecosystem are divided among the participants.

SMARTSWAPS: OTC and P2P operations with the greatest confidence.

LAUNHCPAD: With TrustSwap, you become the VC and get priority access to the early stages of crypto startup.

SMARTMINT: Creation of your own audited cryptocurrency, in minutes, without the need for coding.

SWAPPEABLE: First NFT and ERC20 market that returns fees to the community.

Q2) In the next few weeks you will be launching two new products. Swappable and smart mint. Is this the next quantum leap for TrustSwap and why?


A2)In a big way. This tweet summarizes perfectly why I am so excited about Smartlaunch/mint.

Q3) Could you explain what is Swappable & Smart Mint?


A3) Swappable is an NFT marketplace. Mint allows anyone in the world to create a cryptocurrency, within seconds, with no dev experience required.

More info:

Q4) Actually we need 4000 SWAP to be qualified for flashlaunches and launchpads. Or i have the possibility to stake 2500 SWAP during min. 60 days. This could be a hurdle for small investors. Do you plan any changes to attract more people?


A4) People can pool funds together with others if they want. Also, this isn’t a ‘cost’, it’s just a deposit. You can withdraw your 2,500 SWAP at anytime and sell it. Therefore, it’s zero-cost to get involved.

Q5) Recently you launched 3 different farming pools. If I stake in one of these pools was I also qualified to participate in future launchpads or do I need to stake in the main pool of Trustswap? If no, do you plan to change that? What is your Strategy behind these farming pools?


A5) Farming pools are an opportunity for people to earn large APY’s (near 100%) on their SWAP tokens. Being staked in a farming pool does not qualify you for launchpad access.

The reason we need to make it “difficult” to get launchpad access is because if everyone could easily get access, then the allocations would be too small. Image if there were 1,000,000 people all trying for a $1,000,000 allocation. Then it would be $1 per person. We need to create a barrier to entry, so that allocations stay reasonably high.

In addition, our staking pool to get into launchpads is already 94% full. Once it’s full, it’s full.

Q6) What have been the keys to stand out in an increasingly saturated sector?


A6) Guaranteed allocations. No gas wars. 12-hour allocation window.
Cross chain compatible. No one else is doing this. We have by far the best Launchpad process.

Q7) Where would you like to take TrustSwap, what do you expect from the community?


A7) Our goal this year is to get into the top 50 projects on CoinMarketCap. I don’t expect anything from the community. We are happy to build and the results will speak for themselves.

Q8) Differences, advantages and disadvantages between assured allocations and raffle tickets for the user. How was your experience since you launched Flashlaunches?


A8) We much prefer to do launchpads so that everyone gets an allocation. We only do Flashlaunches when there are no quality launchpads for us to collaborate with.

  • Juan Carlos — That makes sense. But it’s also nice to qualify for a Flashlaunch with $500 USD allocation.
  • Jeff — TrustSwap: For sure. That $500 allocation has turned into $10,000 for many people, many times over.

Q9) Under your criteria, how could you classify the different types of Launchpads?


A9) Flashlaunches: Raffle system. Launchpad: Guaranteed allocation.

Q10) What do you think about FCFS?


A10) Terrible design.

— Creates costly gas wars, which waste everyone’s money.
— Prone to errors and glitches.
— Since it happens at a single minute, it is not a good system, as our world operates on different time zones. I think it’s crazy that some people need to wake up at 3:30 a.m, to TRY to get in, especially when 9/10 they don’t get in, and waste their money.

Q11) Will we see TrustSwap work on other blockchains like Cardano, Cosmos or Polkadot?


A11) As mentioned, we are fully cross-chain compatible. We work on all blockchains. Projects TBA.

Q12)Where is TrustSwap positioned within the two trending markets: DeFi or NFT?


A12) NFT: That’s Swappable, our upcoming NFT marketplace. DeFi: Our entire ecosystem is focussed on DeFi. We currently have over one Billion dollars locked in our smart contracts. This is top-15 in all crypto.

Q13) How users have reacted to NFT tickets. Gold edition. Can you tell us how they could be used in the future?


A13) Yep, every Flashlaunch, we give the option for people to buy golden tickets (up to 10 per Flashlaunch). These offer guaranteed allocation. They usually sell for $7,000 for a $500 allocation.

We’ll be announcing soon what utility these tickets have once they are used for an allocation

  • Julio — An example of TrustSwap NFT is:
  • Jeff — TrustSwap: Yep, exactly.

Q14) How can a Launchpad adapt to the Bear Market?


A14) By selecting quality projects. Besides that, TrustSwap does A LOT more than just launchpads, so we are very Bear Market resisters.

Q15) Let’s speak about TRUSTSWAP INCUBATOR Program. This could be like an assurance for Trustswap stakers that these projects will be successful. What do you think?


A15) We never offer promises or assurances of project performance, as that’s impossible to do. That said, we give hands-on help to all of our incubated projects and spend a LOT of time with them to increase their chances of success as much as possible.

Q16) And the last question received: On 25th this month you will launch the first by Trustswap incubated project called VERSO. Could you tell us about the highlights of VERSO or better about the main points which convinced you to incubate this project?


A16) I’d suggest people check out. This will give a great highlight of why we like VERSO.

Q17) It’s possible in the future to use as collateral SWAP to request credits?


A17) Yes. We have a VISA credit card launching in the very near future.

  • Julio — Wow!
  • Juan Carlos — Great news!
  • Julio — It has been a pleasure to have you with us Jeff. We will see you sooner than you think.
  • Jeff — TrustSwap: Appreciate it.
  • Juan Carlos — Thank you, Jeff to be with us.
  • Julio — Thank you for the opportunity. The AMA is closed.



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