Stakenet 2019 | XSN VIPER, DEX, & MERLIN

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2018 brought many developments and breakthroughs from our core team of blockchain developers to be proud of. We have been able to make significant breakthroughs in interoperability (achieving new milestones in DEX infrastructure), launch the first POS +MN coin with segwit activated ( executing lightning swaps), first to deliver TPoS (a premiere and first of its kind offline staking solution), launched cloud staking + masternode setup platform, work alongside industry leaders such as the Litecoin Foundation and much more.

Always thinking forward, we make sure to position and engineer the network for success and are proud to present our vision & roadmap for 2019. Here is an overview of the general plan discussing some key milestones to look forward to in the year to come.

2019 Stakenet DEX, MERLIN + VIPER

Our 2019 roadmap primarily has a focus on two main areas we call MERLIN and VIPER. DEX technologies, cross chain interoperability, and cross chain staking fall into MERLIN. A product line of custom XSN unique blockchain powered-hardware devices will make up VIPER. Below I will cover these 2 phases, how they will connect along with descriptions, goals and key milestones for each. Both phases will be worked on in parallel.


In the latter half of the year our team was able to make significant progress and breakthroughs in the field of interoperability. After publishing one of the first guides on how to execute cross chain atomic swaps over lightning we successfully organized and executed the first ever public push that guided over 100+ lightning swaps on main-net where everyday users exchanged LTC for XSN on lightning of both respective chains. This was an important step as it proved the infrastructure of our coming DEX + light wallet has baseline stability to further develop and complete our goals. Below we describe the key goals of MERLIN in the 2019 roadmap ahead.

Key upcoming milestones MERLIN

  • Enable 1 click lightning swaps, allowing users to exchange assets instantly over Lightning with the click of a button
  • Achieve frictionless interoperability, notably achieved by our pro trader DEX high volume exchange. Instantly trade assets as they are secured from our open source cold storage EXCALIBUR (HW that maintains, and manages users private keys)
  • TPoS migration to masternode layer, + automated exchanging of assets through MN quorums. (enabling cross chain proof of stake (CCPoS) on the XSN network)
  • Cross Chain DaPP infrastructure on MN network


With the amount and variety of chains that exist supporting specialized 2nd/ 3rd layer technologies, support for databases + CPU to run these processes (I.e lightning hubs, masternodes etc) will come at ever increasing costs. This means larger and expensive devices are needed making it difficult to scale. With VIPER we aim to use the Stakenet blockchain itself to solve these problems with custom HW products offloading CPU and DB requirements into the XSN network. This will keep products small, affordable but powerful which will allow us to contribute unique value to the space.

This technology of blockchain powered devices we believe will be at the forefront of both IOT and Web 3.0 in the near future. Offloading CPU, dB requirements successfully to a decentralized network alone has the potential to push major paradigm shifts in the general computer hardware/ tech space. As for our network, the resulting effect will be increased vehicles for MN nodes to collect fees (in XSN) for providing these services leading to increased use and demand of the Stakenet coin. Network economics will also strengthen on both first and second layers as added services will increase demand and fees through the entirety of the platform. Below are key milestones of VIPER to look forward to in the forthcoming year.

Key upcoming milestones VIPER

  • Launch of our open source private key management and storage system (EXCALIBUR). Private key management will be audit-able by the public. We will utilize EXCALIBUR in all VIPER products making them safe, secure and trustless
  • Launch initial HW versions (XSN VIPER): Early versions of the VIPER will integrate basic LN routing capabilities giving users ability to run LN hubs and generate fees for XSN, BTC and LTC
  • Activate CPU offloading from XSN VIPER to Stakenet blockchain
  • Enable multiple LN Hubs + MN‘s to be run on VIPER. Allowing users to safely execute higher level functions of various chains and coins from cold storage

Putting a focus on hardware + 2nd layer software will build a strong foundation in building future applications in the areas of security, governance, (blockchain) software as a service, DAPPs, interoperable payment networks and more which we plan to also integrate into our platform and product lines moving forward.

Another important point to mention is our 1st later protocol upgrades in the 2019 roadmap as well. We understand heavy disruption (specifically in 1st layer consensus) is coming, and are making sure the platform is positioned to quickly and easily adopt these new technologies when proven stable. Having a reliable and prime procedure for network upgrades big and small will be a constant focus during development (of MERLIN and VIPER), making sure to accommodate any unforeseen disruptive tech that comes.

There are of course many other exciting developments in addition to the ones mentioned, keep track of fully detailed descriptions and realtime progress and updates of our roadmap here

Join our discord to be a part of our community. You can also keep up to date with XSN news by following our twitter + telegram channels.

Stakenet (XSN)

Stakenet (XSN) revolutionizes the way cryptocurrencies are held, spent and staked.


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X9 | Stakenet (Director)

Stakenet (XSN)

Stakenet (XSN) revolutionizes the way cryptocurrencies are held, spent and staked.

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