Stakenet DEX Open Beta

Hydranet Team
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2 min readAug 25, 2020


We are proud to announce the official open beta of the Stakenet Light Wallet and DEX.

How can I access it?

You can download the current version of the open beta from the following links:

UPDATE April 2021: As we continue to work and improve on our closed beta DEX with our community testers to perfect it for the next stage of release, we will be consolidating our beta testing links.

Any users not in our active closed beta, but with funds in the Open Beta wallet, you can still access and move funds. Feel free to reach out to our team for any questions/ support

You can keep track of developments in our Discord, Twitter, or Telegram.

Trading Promotion

To celebrate the release of the open beta, we are running an introductory promotion where we have reduced the trading fees on the DEX to 0%.

For updates to our current promotions, keep an eye on our social channels.

Bug Bounties

As this is an open beta, we are aware that there may be uncaught bugs and as such, we want to ensure the network, Light Wallet and DEX have gone through further intensive testing.

We will award up to 1,000 XSN for every unique Bug found in the functionality of a Light Wallet or DEX process, that has not been reported before as well as higher amounts for any security issues found.

What Is Classed As a “Security Issue”

We class a security issue where a malicious user can:

  • Steal funds from users
  • Impact the integrity of the Networks Lightning Channels
  • Negatively Impact the Orderbook/DEX Trading

Trading Limits

The current limits for opening channels and trading are as follows:

  • A maximum channel capacity limit of $10,000 per channel.
  • A maximum trade limit of $1,000 per trade.

Need A Hand?

If you need a hand finding your way around the wallet and how everything works, we have created the following resources for you:

Stakenet Light Wallet & DEX Overview — Quick Start Guide

Do You Have Any Suggestions?

We appreciate all feedback and suggestions, so if you have any then please join us in our Discord and let us know!

What To Do Next?

If you would like to participate in the bug bounty or you have an issue and need support, then come join us in our Discord —

What Else Is Planned?

During this beta phase we are currently working towards the following goals:

  • Introduce security measures such as a PIN to unlock/lock your wallet
  • Integrate ETH into the Light Wallet and DEX interface
  • Integrate the Raiden Client into the main Light Wallet to allow access to ERC-20 tokens
  • Hardware Wallet Support

For more information, updates, and news follow us on Twitter or join the Stakenet Discord.