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Stakenet: Monthly Recap — April

Starting this month we will cover a selection of the news around Stakenet from the past month. A lot has happened in April 2021, so let’s begin this throwback!

Stakenet’s vision:

We have released the first three articles of our educational series “Stakenet’s vision”. Thanks to all the motivated community members who helped to collect a lot of information on different aspects. Check out the different topics we have covered below.

Part 1:

We have started with chapter one, answering questions like: “What are DEXs? Why are DEXs necessary? Do CEXs have any advantages over DEXs?”

Part 2:

In this article, we talk about different layers of blockchain, the pros & cons, including layer 3, and how this benefits Stakenet DEX, and more.

Part 3:

The third part covers the very groundlaying technology of our upcoming Stakenet DEX — the Lightning Network.

Stakenet Web DEX:

We shared the first screenshots of how the Stakenet Web DEX will look like on mobile phones:

We have also released an article about how the Web DEX will integrate the scaling solution Connext Network by creating a Layer 2 wallet. Click here to read more about it.

Check the progress on our public GitHub here, currently focusing on the desktop version:

Stakenet DEX

We successfully swapped BTC/USDT for the first time with the graphic UI in our closed beta build! The off-chain swaps were made possible by combining the tech of Lightning and Connext network. They were already done some time ago from our bots team, but now they were successful in our closed beta. Achieving this is major breakthrough not only for us but for the whole crypto world. Every user will be able to trade his assets in an ultra-fast, scalable, private, and near-zero fee way.

Live swap with closed beta build

To give everyone a better overview of what the different dev teams are working on, we have also started a short weekly dev update. Check the first one here:

Stakenet Foundation

We have announced that we are setting up the Stakenet Foundation and added a new team member, CK Umachi. He’ll be leveraging his experience with various blockchain consortia, companies, and clubs to assist Stakenet in partnerships and business development.

The foundation will be governed by the XSN Masternodes and serves as legal protection to everyone who is contributing to the decentralized Stakenet ecosystem. We will share more details about this in the following weeks.

Reward analyzer

Our member Winnie has made a tool to track XSN rewards on his community-run website

Explorer 2.0

We have released our new and updated explorer 2.0! This new version includes:

  • A brand new UI
  • Display showing MN and Staking ROI
  • Display of total locked XSN
  • Transacted volume / block
  • Many more features to be added within the next weeks
Calculator for block and DEX rewards

XSN Voting & Governance

Our May voting is underway! For those who hold XSN Masternodes make sure to cast your votes via our blockchain DAO & governance platform. This proposal is put toward hitting roadmap targets (see roadmap update for details/ progress here).


gobject vote-many 0b56a77ca4693160a82eebfa6b3b2eab8b536cc356c9e651508df9abe5a3f74f funding yes gobject vote-many b51dc91f2139971ada28a9e451edbd841096583f5ec4c753ecc931e4ef9dbdce funding yes


gobject vote-many 0b56a77ca4693160a82eebfa6b3b2eab8b536cc356c9e651508df9abe5a3f74f funding no gobject vote-many b51dc91f2139971ada28a9e451edbd841096583f5ec4c753ecc931e4ef9dbdce funding no

XSN governance + treasury is designed to last forever into the life of the project. Long after developers/leadership change, masternode owners (MN’s) & those who have the most “stake” can continue to fund & support development. ⚡

We hope you enjoyed this quick throwback and may we see each in one month again for the next episode of “Stakenet: Monthly Recap”.

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