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Stakenet: Monthly Recap — June

We keep up with the tradition of monthly recaps, so let’s see what has happened this month in Stakenet!

Stakenet’s vision

We released the final article of our educational series “Stakenet’s vision”. In this part we discussed how Layer 2 & Layer 3 solutions impact the end-user crypto experience, and where does the Stakenet DEX fit into that future state.

Thanks again to all the motivated community members who helped to collect a lot of information on different aspects. Check out the different topics we have covered below.

To reward every motivated community member who read all the articles and took a deep dive into Stakenet, we had a Stakenet community quiz:

Core Wallet v.1.0.28

Our team had discovered and patched a critical security bug. We have deployed a fix and new builds to secure the network. Once we have verified the majority of the network (and other projects) has migrated onto the latest wallet version, and the bug is 100% patched we will provide more technical details on the fix implemented.

Stakenet DEX

We’ve improved the UI of wallet & DEX tabs and taken it to a whole new level which is now live in the Stakenet DEX closed beta.

new Wallet UI
new DEX UI

Masternode-as-a-Service (MNaaS) upgrade

As we continued to improve the Masternode-as-a-Service (MNaaS) functionality of the Stakenet Cloud, we started on the 22nd of June upgrading the servers to triplicate their specifications.

With the increased specifications for each server comes an increased cost. The new cost for MNaaS will increase from $4.50 per month to $9 per month. Keep in mind the MNaaS service doesn’t intend to make any profit, but rather provides value to XSN users and the Stakenet network.

We strongly believe that the difference in cost for MNaaS is a justified and net positive. This means you will earn more, and it will drastically improve the overall user experience by having fewer difficulties in managing your Masternodes; while further strengthening the Stakenet network.


To learn about our possible users, the community, and the needs of the whole Cryptoverse, we have published the first surveys. This will help a lot to improve and optimize our marketing strategy.

The Hydra Smart Chain

We published the first public update about the Hydra Smart Chain, including the public repositories — an article giving a short overview will follow in the next few days.

What we have achieved:
- HYDRA NET (smart chain testnet launch)
- Permissionless whitelist to qualify HSC validators
- Staking smart contract (to manage validator rewards)

Current internal development:
- CPU challenges
- L2 liquidity pools
- HYDRA Explorer

We hope you enjoyed this quick throwback and may we see each other in one month again for the next episode of “Stakenet: Monthly Recap”.

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